The uses of different kinds of kitchen sink accessories

kitchen sink

Conventionally, kitchens were only used for food preparation and other food-related activities. However, over the past several years, the kitchen has transformed into a multi-functional area in the house. Several events occur in the kitchen, and this has given birth to the need for multi-functional kitchen sinks.

Furthermore, the rise in the multi-functional kitchens has led to the wise of several types of kitchen sinks. Some of these types of sinks are based on the uses while others on the materials from which they are curved. Brands like TORVA have gone out of their way to provide a wide range of sinks. Different sink accessories come in handy with the various types of kitchen sinks.

Types of kitchen sink accessories

  • Dish drainers- this is an everyday sink accessory used in all types of sinks. The purpose of dush drainers is to help keep dishes clean and out of the countertops. It, therefore, helps to reduce clutter in the sink while also accumulating water from the dishes.
  • Liquid soap dispensers- this is also a paramount accessory in the kitchen sink and other types of sinks like bathroom sinks. The reason is that soap is a must-have item in the kitchen.  Liquid soap dispensers help to eliminate the clutter on the kitchen countertops. The soap dispensers can be constructed as part of the sink or as a separate accessory that matches the material and color of the sink.
  • Faucets- a faucet is a device that is used to regulate the amount of water flowing through the pipes from the water reservoir to the sink bowl. Various types of faucets for the kitchen can be installed to match the style and needs. Some of these types include the pull-down or out, two handle, single handle, sprayer, touch-activated, and wall-mounted, among others. Faucets are a must-have accessory in the kitchen, and it is also referred to as a tap.
kitchen sink
  • Sink stoppers- a sink stopper is mainly a decorative accessory. However, they also help keep materials that can cause drain blockage from passing through the sink drain. Most kitchen sink stoppers are made of stainless steel because of its durability features. Various designs that match different styles of decore are available to choose from in the market.
  • Drain stoppers- unlike sink stoppers, drain stoppers aim at ultimately hindering the drainage on the sink. They can be used when washing dishes and utensils. Most drain stoppers are made of rubber. The drain stoppers come in a variety of sizes and designs depending on the size of your kitchen sink drainer and your preferences.
  • Sink grids- this type of kitchen sink accessory is built at the bottom of the sink. The sink grid aims to protect the sink from scratches.

Bottom Line

Installing a kitchen sink is not a task for an amateur. Some specific tools and instructions are used in the process. It is therefore advised that you get an expert (especially a plumber) to do the job. The expert may also help with the installation of some of the accessories above, like faucets.


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