Why is Apple Carplay Great?


Technology in cars has grown over the years. New car models have entirely new or more advanced features that the old vehicles were missing. Items crowning the dashboard increase its aesthetic value and are a great selling point. An example of the new feature is the Apple Carplay which allows you to use your phone while driving by displaying it on the car’s infotainment. Car brands like Audi and Mercedes currently have models that support Apple Carplay. The Audi Apple Carplay has excellent benefits and is an attractive feature for Audi lovers. We expound on the benefits of Apple Carplay below.

Advantages of Apple Carplay

Most car owners or buyers embrace the Apple Carplay by having it fixed in their cars or ensuring they buy a vehicle with one. It is loved and enjoyed due to its numerous benefits. Some of them include;

1. Presence of Siri

Siri is a voice assistant in your iPhone that does what you ask it to do. It works in your car after integrating with Apple Carplay. Siri understands and responds to certain languages like English, Thai, Spanish and Italian. As much as it works well, the language limitation can be a huge drawback to some people, but they can always use google translation to make it work. Saying ‘Hey Siri makes the female voice assistant respond correctly only if it understood what you asked.

2. Easy Connection

Before the Apple Carplay was introduced, most people connected their head units to their smartphones via Bluetooth. This can be dangerous to a driver considering he or she is required to stay focus and hear sounds on the road. With Apple Carplay, you need to connect iPhone to the car using a lightning cable, turn Siri on, and you’re good to go.

Your screen content is displayed on the car’s infotainment in a zoomed manner, even if your phone is locked. For the Apple Carplay feature to work properly, the phone should be an iPhone 5 and above with an IOS of at least 7.

3. Receiving and Answering Calls

When using this feature, answering calls is done by pressing buttons on the steering wheel or dashboard for those cars that have or by touching the screen on the dashboard. Since your call history and contacts are synced into the AppleCarplay, the name of the person calling appears on the screen if they are saved on your phonebook. You can easily make calls by prompting Siri to locate the person in your phonebook.

4.Accessing Messages and Other Apps

You prompt Siri to read messages to you, and if you want to reply, you tell her the message, and she types it for you. You can access apps like Apple Music, Spotify, and other music apps and listen to your favorite songs while on the move. However, a subscription with Apple music is needed for you to use voice prompts to locate your songs for third-party apps.


As a driver or car owner, getting Apple Carplay is a good idea, considering the various benefits that come with it. Buy a car that has it in-built or have it installed by an expert and enjoy the experience.

Importance of Having Personalized Jewellery


Any jewellery you own is just an accessory like that of any other person. However, it ceases to be just an accessory and becomes meaningful and full of value if it’s personalized to your liking and preference. Jewellery creation requires creativity and skill to design exactly what the client wants. Personalization involves the etching of your name, loved ones, a short message or picture on the jewellery piece. Personalisierte Kette has the best custom-made pieces, and you can have any jewellery personalized like necklaces, rings, bracelets, or earrings. We discuss the advantages of owning personalized jewellery down below.

Advantages of Personalized Jewelry

Most people choose to have their jewellery personalized to have unique pieces that are different from the rest. But note, the market is also flooded with fake products that you spend money on, and it turns out to be a total waste of money. The benefits include;

1. High-Quality Pieces

For custom-made jewellery, the quality is more important than the quantity. The amount spent on a single piece can buy several other standard jewellery pieces due to the quality of material used to make it. The metals used are the best, and so much work, time, and attention to detail are given to ensure you like the final product. In the mass-production of items, the quantity is more important, and the quality is compromised.

2. Value for Money

Well-known and genuine stores sell good quality jewellery, but it’s too expensive for some people to afford. While working with a set budget or trying to save money for other uses, you can still get good quality and affordable pieces at your desired price. This is done through customization.

3. Sentimental Value

Not only do these jewellery pieces carry sentimental value, but they also have emotional value. The design or concept is personal; hence the name personalized. It could also have come about from collecting ideas based on memorable moments shared between family, close friends, or loved ones. Whichever the case, they all carry a memory or story attached to them.

4. Ability to Redesign

Over time, some jewellery pieces become outdated, considering they were created years ago. Modern styles and trends come up often, and people lean towards the new items. Some gems are worth so much money, and you can’t throw them away. The stones used are prestigious, so you can reuse or redesign them to create a modern piece.

5. Family Heirloom

Some families have a tradition of passing down valuable items to the next generation to remain in the family and still hold their sentimental value. Most ladies use rings previously owned by their grandmothers as a good luck charm. However, the jewellery may be outdated, so you can have it tailored to your liking. Have the stones or gems used like diamonds are firmly set to keep them intact and last for many more years to come.


Personalized jewellery is a perfect give to yourself or anyone close to you. It also symbolizes wealth, and most are insured from any damage or theft. You get to enjoy a gem that was just an idea and can pass it on to future generations.

Advantages of Owning A LED Desk Lamp


As you may already know, LED lights are products of advancement in technology that tend to serve tons of lighting purposes. If you’re going for a LED light, you should ensure that it’s the Dimmable table lamps or otherwise known as LED Desk lamps; they are powerful, long-lasting, and can save energy. They feature quite other hosts of benefits which you will find out below.

Importance of LED Desk Lamp

These are some of the following reasons why LED Desk lamps are highly beneficial:

1. Durability

It’s been established that one of the best features of LED lights is their durability and strength. This has made most people who purchase LED desk lamps do so because of how long-lasting they are. This means that if you’re purchasing LED desk lamps, you face fewer risks of them breaking in the process of usage.

2. Beautiful, Unique Designs

If you love to think about the style and designs the things you buy come in, then you will most likely love the LED desk lamp. Some of the files with a base control that’s sensitive to touch. They also feature a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles. This means that when buying it, you’re allowed to choose an ideal design that suits your style and needs.

3. They are Easily Adjustable

One other important factor to consider when purchasing the LED desk lamp is its ability to adjust quickly. Their adjustable nature allows you to use it in every part of your room or space. They are lightweight and can fit into any office or room, regardless of their size.

Depending on your needs, you can adjust it to teach different heights.

4. Generates Less Heat

Compared to other types of bulbs, LED lights produce less heat. This means that if you spend a long time under a lamp with regular bulbs, you may start to feel the ache in your eyes and head.

With the heat these bulbs generate, users can quickly lose concentration while they work. However, with LED lights in a lamp, it’s quite difficult to feel tired or lazy during work hours as they don’t emit a lot of heat.

5. It Doesn’t Emit UV

Unlike other regular bulbs you may have encountered, this LED light doesn’t use Mercury or Lead. It tends to emit less carbon than other older bulbs. This means that it’s quite safer to use a LED desk lamp in your environment.

LED desk lamps are also considered safe for health because they do not give off infrared or UV. They also do not feature hazardous filaments that may be fragile.

6. It’s Dimmable

LED lamps feature dimmers, which tend to control the intensity of light. They also change the level of brightness coming from the light.

This means that if you’re using LED lamps, you can always adjust the brightness to suit the activity you want to use it for.

Final Thoughts

In all, you should understand that the LED desk doesn’t just serve the purpose of lighting, but they offer comfort, longevity, and overall great design to its user. This is why it’s mostly recommended over other types of lighting and since they are less expensive, anyone can afford it.

How To Preserve Your Coffee Table


Round a coffee table is the place you should be whether you want to have a drink with friends or play board games. Additionally, a coffee table with storage helps you to store items such as stationery.

These coffee tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture in a room. Hence, they deserve adequate care and maintenance. If not, they will lose their beauty and you wouldn’t love them as much.

Some factors such as excess light, scratches, temperature changes, and moisture can reduce the lifespan of a coffee table. But this shouldn’t stop you from rocking your favorite style. Just keep the maintenance tips in mind and you will be just fine.

Coffee Table Maintenance Tips

Below are a few secrets to maintaining a coffee table

1. Shine the Surface

Coffee tables, especially wooden ones, come with a natural gloss. It is this same gloss that attracts them to many people in the first place. So it would be a shame to let your coffee table lose its shine.

As you continue to use a coffee table, soon the natural finishings will wear away and the table wouldn’t look so attractive again. To prevent this, make sure you shine the surface of the table at least once in six months.

2. Get Rid of Water Damage

Liquids such as coffee or water leave an unpleasant mark on glass and wood coffee tables. As much as possible try to avoid spilling liquid on your coffee table. However, if coffee is mistakenly spilled on it, wipe it off immediately.

Get a clean towel and place it over the stain. With a hot iron press the towel gently until the stain goes off. The heat from the iron helps the towel to absorb the moisture and its stain. Always lift the towel at intervals to check your progress.

3. Cover the Scratches with Nuts

If You have ever owned a wooden coffee table, you must have noticed that they are easily scratched. To avoid scratches, you don’t need to cover them up with bubble wrap.

Instead, use a nut on the surface to make it darker. You can make use of Brazil nuts or walnuts. When you open the nut, rub it on the scratched part and wipe it with a towel. The nut should remain on the table until it is properly blended.

4. Clean the Table

When the table starts looking all old and worn out, don’t be in a hurry to discard it. Clean it following these simple steps and soon its glory will be restored.

Add a cup of vinegar to a bowl of lukewarm water. Wipe the surface of the table using a clean towel damped in this mixture. Make sure you wash the tricky areas properly.

After you are done washing, rinse the surface with another bowl of clean water. Lastly, dry the table with another clean dry towel to remove every trace of moisture.


Maintaining a coffee table might not be a very easy job but in the end, it is worth it. With proper maintenance, not only will your coffee table remain attractive, but its lifespan will also be prolonged.

How To Use A Retractable Hose Reel


Retractable hose reels, also known as automatic hose reels, are some of the most popular and commonly sought-after hose reel designs. This is because they are very effective. They use a spring mechanism that automatically rewinds the hose onto the shaft or drum after application. In this excerpt, we discuss using a retractable hose reel.

How to use a retractable garden hose reel

One of the primary benefits of using retractable garden hose reels is that they are easy to use. Using a retractable garden hose reel is as simple as the steps mentioned below:

1. Pull out the hose from the reel

Using a retractable hose reel does not differ a lot from other types of hose reels. The first thing you must do is pulling out the hose from the reel. Note that retractable hose reels are usually spring-operated. This means that when you pull out the hose from the reel, tension is generated in the spring. Sometimes, the pressure may make it hard to pull the hose.

2. Activate the lock

Once you have pulled out the desired hose length from the reel, you must activate the lock mechanism. If you do not do this, the hose will automatically rewind onto the reel when you release it as the tension on the spring eases. The lock ensures that the springs retain the pressure, and the hose does not retract until you are done using it. Most retractable garden hose reels feature an easy-to-use lock mechanism. It either comes in the form of a latch or a switch. Note that you can activate the lock mechanism at any length. This means you have the freedom to decide on the size based on the application for which you need the hose.

3. Use the hose

After activating the lock mechanism, you can go ahead and use the hose as you wish. Most garden hoses are used for watering or irrigating plants. However, you can also use it to wash your vehicle, gardening tools, and windows. Note that you must first turn on the tap or faucet before using the product. The tap must get turned on after the hose has been pulled out and the lock mechanism has been activated.

4. Turn off the tap and release the lock

Once you have completed your tasks, you can turn off the tap. Afterward, all you have to do is release the lock. When you do this, the pressure on the springs will get released. This will cause the hose to rewind automatically to the shaft. Ensure that the hose is at the same level as the mouth of the reel. This will allow a smooth retraction.

Before releasing the lock and letting the hose rewind onto the reel, it would help if you ensured that all the water in the hose is let out.


If you are looking to use the retractable hose reel properly, it will help if you understood the various components of the device. This knowledge will make using the product effortless. Whether or not you correctly install the hose reel will influence its ease of use.

How To Care For Your Garden Hose


There are so many operations that require a water hose reel. To ensure your garden hose serves you longer, there are some necessary things you must do. If you neglect them, in just a little while the garden hose will be condemned and that would leave you with no option but to get another one.

Caring for a garden hose is not a hectic task, it only requires some carefulness and organization on the part of the user.

Maintenance Of The Garden Hose

1. Fix Leakages Immediately

For you to make your garden hose last longer, you must repair damages and leaks immediately you notice them. The garden hose is made of soft plastic or synthetic rubber, which makes them flexible.

When the leaking parts are not repaired, over time the pressure from the water will cause the leaking parts to extend, until the hose is completely damaged.

2. Cut Off Water Supply From The Spigot And Not The Nozzle

The garden hose contains both a nozzle and spigot. It is better to stop water flow from the spigot. To make your garden hose last longer, it is required you stop water flow from the spigot and leave the hose to dry.

Relying on the nozzle to stop water flow could cause water to accumulate in the hose and this can rupture It.

3. Do Not Store Under Sunlight

The water hose reel is made of soft plastic and exposure to sunlight over a long period, can make the plastic weak. This is not good for the hose because when the hose becomes fragile, the high pressure can easily burst it.

If you really care for your garden hose, after each use, dry it properly and keep away from sunlight.

4. Store In A Garage During Winter Season

Leaving the hose outside during the very cold winter season can cause it to freeze. If you reside in a cold environment, it is very important to take the garden hose into the garage or somewhere inside, if you do not have a garage.

This is advised because when the soft plastic of the hose freezes up, it would cause cracks and this would cause the garden hose to leak.

5. Do Not Drag Using The Spray Nozzle

Caring for your garden hose requires that you do not drag the spray nozzle. If you do this, it would weaken the point between the hose and the nozzle, and cause your garden hose to start leaking.


The garden hose is such a useful tool that makes the work of watering and washing easy.

You must have noticed that it is easier to maintain it than to go through the stress of watering your plants one after the other, and also the high cost of repairs.

Being aware of the usefulness of this equipment, it is very important to handle it with utmost care and carry out everything required to keep It in good working condition.

4 Advantages of Owning a Hot Tub


After spending so many hours working or indulging in strenuous activities, some form of unwinding is necessary to relax and escape the reality of life. Soaking in a hot tub may be the therapy you require. It can be indoor or outdoor, in a gym, or even your home. Recently, many companies have specialized in spa and hot tub manufacturing. They come in different forms based on your preference and functionality. In this write-up, we discuss the advantages of owning a hot tub.

Advantages of Hot Tubs

Other than making you feel relaxed, hot tubs have plenty of health benefits that vary from one person to another. How much one benefits from the tub depends on their health, the number of times they use it, and how. Some of the advantages include;

1. Muscle Relaxation

Hot tubs have jets that shoot out the hot water, providing a massaging effect to your whole body. Your muscles tend to tense up after a workout or any other activity that demands energy use. The tightening of the muscles can result in muscle pulls or cramps, which are painful and can lead to more severe conditions like tearing or snapping of tendons.

Other than stretching, soaking in a hot tub soothes and relax body muscles, tendons, and joints, thereby giving you relief from existing pain or preventing them from starting. The heat produced reduces inflammation, like in the case of arthritis, while the water makes your body light and reduces weight and pressure from the joints.

2. Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Everyday life consists of routines and schedules that we have to keep up with to meet our needs or those of others. Things such as traffic, bills, work meetings, and general responsibilities can cause anxiety affecting your physical and mental health. Stressors also have a negative effect on your body hence the need for using a hot tub. Experiencing the warmth of the water, enjoying how it feels on your body redirects your mind to more positive thoughts, thus reducing the stress and improving your overall health.

3. Improves Sleep

If you’re not sipping on a glass of wine, reading a book, or enjoying the scenery, you might find yourself slowly dozing off into peaceful sleep. Many people have insomnia or other sleep disorders. The lack of sleep is an avenue for stress, depression, and anxiety that limit your ability to function as required. Studies have shown that soaking in a hot tub before bed relaxes your nerves and muscles and improves sleep quality, causing you to sleep deeply and continuously throughout the night.

4. Improves Skin Health

Steam from the hot water opens up your pores, enabling you to wash away all impurities and toxins. Perspiration that takes place in the process also helps to make the skin look better. Blood circulation increases; thus, the skin receives adequate oxygen, which is good for elasticity.

Final Words

Hot tubs have incredible benefits, including improved cardiovascular health. Spending at least 30 minutes or up to 2 hours in one gives your body an overall great feeling that helps you kickstart or end your day. Ensure proper care is given to it to enhance your experience.

Tips on Maintaining Artificial Plants


Do you have an artificial plant? If you do, you’ll quickly realize how much of a joy that artificial plants can be. They can be really attractive and very affordable too. Thus, it is not a surprise to see a lot of people buying artificial plants these days. So, if you want china faux, fake, artificial plants, or something similar, you need to look for a plant supplier.

While getting the artificial plants is one thing, taking care of them is another. This article will help you with some of the best ways you can take care of fake plants.

Tips on taking care of Artificial Plants

1. Dust is a big no

One of the things you have to look out for is dust. Artificial plants do not do well with dust. Thus, placing them in a place that gathers dust is not a great idea.

If your artificial plants are filled with dust, they should be deep cleaned. A perfect way to do this is by using the shower. You could do most of the cleaning by using a damp cloth. The key is to keep your artificial plants as clean as possible.

That is a perfect way to increase their durability.

2. Extreme Weather

While artificial plants will survive in less than ideal conditions, it might be best to save them from stress. A great example of this is the sun. Most artificial plants can be used outdoors. However, in very extreme temperatures, this will often have a bad effect on the plants themselves.

Their UV coating is going to be affected the most. This often degrades the artificial plants and can be quite obvious. So, if you want to save your plants for this fate, you should be more conscious about them. Cover them up when you can. Make sure that they are not exposed to unfavorable conditions.

Doing this will definitely help.

3. The Problem of Fire

Even though artificial plants are not natural, they still have a high risk of getting burned. Worse, they can even start a pretty terrible fire at home.

To avoid this, make sure you keep your artificial plants away from inflammable objects. A good way to reduce this is also is to wrap up your artificial plants with materials that are less likely to burn.

The key is to make sure that your artificial is in a relatively safe place.

What if my Artificial Plants have been damaged?

If your artificial plants have been permanently damaged, then it might be to get a replacement. There are a lot of plant suppliers that will be willing to give you a free quote.

You might find it really helpful to check out some of them. However, make sure you do adequate research before committing to any.


Artificial plants can change your home. Thus, when you finally get to purchase one, you should definitely try to make sure that they are well taken care of. That is the fastest way to getting sure value for your money.

Tips on How to Make a Custom Jewelry


Custom Jewelry is also known as Personalisierte Schmuck. Creating one is one of the best ways to design a beautiful piece while integrating your personality into the design.

There are lots of ways to customize a piece of jewelry. It could be simple or complex depending on what you fancy more. This article provides an insight on how to customize a piece of jewelry.

What is Customization?

In simple words, customization, as regards jewelry, means adding slight changes to the design of jewelry. There are two ways to customize a piece of jewelry.

First, you can change already designed jewelry by adding certain elements to it. You can also start customizing from scratch but you will need the help of an independent jewelry designer to do this.

Customizing jewelry is one of the best ways to express your persona and your unique taste in fashion. While some people are interested in customization because they can’t seem to find anything that suits them in the market, others just want to add uniqueness to a piece.

Ways to Customize a Jewelry

Generally, it is easier to customize large pieces of jewelry such as bracelets and rings. But for smaller earrings, this process is usually a bit more difficult and requires a level of expertise.

Below are some ideas on how best to customize a piece of jewelry in other to give them a new and unique look


Rings are one of the commonly customized jewelry. This is probably because they are quite easy to customize.

Common ways of customizing a ring include;

  • Make engravings on the exterior or interior of the ring.
  • Add a peculiar stone shape to the ring.
  • Choose unusual metals like colored titanium or rose gold.
  • Add a touch of scare gems like opal or turquoise.
  • Makes extra layers using birthstones.


Although it is almost impossible to customize most bracelets, you can still add a personal touch to them. This can be achieved through the following ways.

  • Adding charms to a plain bracelet.
  • Joining together two small bracelets to form a bigger one. You can also use this as an anklet.
  • Creating an unusual gemstone pattern by resetting gems on a tennis bracelet.
  • Creating a bolder bracelet by braiding tiny bracelets together.


Customizing necklaces isn’t as popular as customizing rings. However, you can still bring out the uniqueness in a necklace by doing any of the following

  • Altering the length of the necklace
  • Wearing the necklace in combination with pendants of different colors.
  • Bring together various designs of small chains to make a bigger one.


You might be tempted to ask why you even need to customize jewelry in the first place, after all, there are thousands of beautiful pieces available in the jewelry store.

Customization is not all about achieving a beautiful piece, but about achieving a personal and unique look. Thus they are perfect for birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, weddings, and other personal special occasions.

How To Make Your Gel Polish Last Longer?

Ever walked out of a salon with a nicely done nail gel manicure but have them chipped on the following day? Well, that didn’t go well, right? Everyone has painted their nails at least once a year. They have also experienced a somewhat shorter lifespan. If you are one such person, you could probably wonder why your gel polish did not last longer than, say, two weeks. Of course, there are several tips to help your manicure last longer. What you need is a guide for maintaining that long-lasting manicure routine. Follow these tips!

1. Apply thin layers of gel nail polish

The first thing you need to do to ensure that your gel nail polish lasts long is to apply a thin layer. This matters because of the extended life span it comes with. You will also manage to extend its lifespan, given that the thick coating of nail polish takes a long to dry. That makes it easy for the gel polish to wear off.

2. Change the nail polish application formula

Traditional nail polish will, most of the time, leave you with chipped nails. For that reason, you need to try a different formula. You need to ensure that you complete the at-home manicure procedure the right way, of course. Look at some of the ways you can easily paint the nails using workable strategies. No-chip formulas happen to be incredible for DIY manicures.

3. Maintain your cuticles

It is one thing to have dry hands and another to have dry cuticles. To keep long-lasting gel manicures, you need to maintain your cuticles. A cuticle oil would be the perfect investment in this case. It has various nutrients such as vitamin E in addition to Aloe. These ingredients help the nails to resist breakage while promoting nourishment.

4. There is no need to exfoliate

Exfoliating is one of the best ways to help maintain healthy skin. However, exfoliating is terrible for your manicure. The ingredients are harsh on nails. They will take off the gel polish from your nails.

5. Wear Sunscreen

Before gelling your nails, you should apply a water-resistant sunscreen. Choose a brand with SPF to help prevent cancer and other skin conditions. This should assist you in protecting the skin from UV rays which can seal gel polish into the nails. The other option is putting on some dark gloves that have fingertips snipped off before applying gel nail polish.

6. Do not get gel nail polish on your cuticles

Perhaps you are an expert in manicures. But there are times when you may make the mistake of getting nail polish on your cuticles. This may lead to peeling of the polish since it does not adhere firmly to your nails. As the gel polish lifts to peel off, it may take the polish on the nails as well. The good news is that you can easily clean things up as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

You know that there is something unique about painted nails. That implies getting a manicure to help achieve the long-lasting nail polish care you need. There are several options to select from, and so are there tips to help you accomplish the goals.

Top Vegetables to Grow In Your Garden


Gardening isn’t just about purchasing high-quality garden tools, but it’s also about experiencing the pleasure and excitement that comes with growing your favorite vegetables in your home backyard. While maintaining a garden seems like a difficult process sometimes, it’s pretty simple; you only need to understand the master of the art behind it. If you plant the right types of vegetables in your garden, you will have it easy.

In this piece, you will find out the perfect kind of vegetables to plant in your home garden

Vegetables to Grow In Your Garden

1. Peas

Peas grown in your garden are usually the sweetest to harvest. Unlike the ones found in supermarkets, they come out fresh, soft, and sweet. A beautiful aspect of growing peas is that you don’t need to invest all your efforts before you can see results yet, they always bloom beautifully. To grow peas in your home garden, all you need to do is get a container that’s about 10 inches deep, a cage or trellis. (where the plants can climb).

Peas are better off in cold weather and they can stop producing seeds once it’s summer. If you have a smaller garden area, you can pull them out and replace them with another type of crop of vegetable you want.

2. Green Peas

If you will be growing green peas, ensure that you don’t plant them early. That’s because it’s difficult for them to survive the effect of frost, which oftentimes makes seed spoil. Green peas also tend to stop producing seeds once it gets to summer. However, if you can nurse the patience to keep watering them as the days go by, they will start growing as soon as the temperature starts returning to normal.

One difficult part of growing green peas is the time for harvest. The more you pick the peas, the faster the plant grows and seeds mature. This in turn can cause the beans that have stayed long on the vibe to become tough.

3. Broccoli

This plant is best to grow in the fall or spring. If you want to harvest them in summer, you can start planning by early spring. You can also opt to plant in late summer to harvest them during fall. To prevent frost, try and grow your broccoli plants indoors before transferring them to the garden as the temperature rises.

Additionally, if you’re practicing container methods, each pot should contain one broccoli plant. Thenpors should measure about 12 to 16 inches in depth. Ensure that you look out for warms that may live to feast on the head of the cabbage.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the main fruits that lead people into gardening. That’s because they are usually fresh when pulled out from the garden and nothing seems to beat this. Oftentimes, tomatoes can be quite fussy, and the way to avoid this is by knowing exactly what to watch out for during planting.

You don’t need to face lots of difficulties growing tomatoes. They can survive in warm/hot weather and can go through damage once the come season approaches. So to be safe, grow the seedlings outside and go back to indoor gardening as they grow bigger.


Gardening is an enjoyable activity that requires patience most times. To avoid some of the problems that may arise during gardening, this article teaches what plants that you should consider planting.

Tips On How To Set Up Your Ring Light


The market is swarmed with a wide range of ring lights, as you can see on Addbeautiful. When choosing the best type of ring light to purchase, you must consider the type of photos or videos you plan to take. A ring light will help you produce high-quality and attractive content. In this write-up, we discuss setting up a ring light.

How to set up a ring light

Setting up a ring light is relatively easy. However, you may have to do a few things before setting it up;

Choose a position for the ring light

The first thing you should do before setting up the product is choosing the correct position for it. It would be best if you selected a position with the least amount of foot traffic. This is because you do not want anything interfering with the ring light and your camera when you have already set it up. You also need to select a position where you will easily aim it directly at an object. In this case, the object could be you.

It would also help if you positioned the ring light away from other lighting sources. Doing this will ensure that the ring shadows caused by other lighting sources do not interfere with the quality of your content.

a. Eliminate any distractions

Here, you want to move any distractions away from the object and in the path of the ring light. It would also help if you stagged the object, depending on the type of content you are creating.

Setting up the ring light

Below is a step by step guide on how to set up a ring light;

a. Assembling the components

Some ring lights usually come fully assembled when they are sold. In some cases, you will have to put the product together. This should be easy if the product comes with a manual. It is also not challenging because, most of the time, you do not need additional tools for the process. All you have to do is go through the instructions, which may differ depending on the ring light type and brand.

b. Insert your camera

After assembling the product, you must place the camera inside the ring. This should also be easy because these products usually come with a mounting bracket. If you are using your phone, you will have to get a ring light with a mounting bracket for phones. However, there are a few designs with mounting brackets for phones and cameras on the same product. Note that the camera usually goes in between the ring.

c. Positioning it

Once you have assembled the components and placed your camera, the next step is to position the camera in the location you had previously determined. Here, you may have to adjust the ring light’s height until you get the correct height.

d. Checking the settings

After everything is in place, you will have to check the settings on the ring light. These include the light intensity and the colors if you are looking to achieve some color effects.


Note that the ease of setting up a ring light depends on the brand and the type. When choosing the best ring light, it would be wise to go for something easy to use and set up. This way, you get to spend the least amount of time setting it up and assembling it.