Why You Should Get a Tecno Camon C8 Phone


Nothing beats the feeling of having a new phone, whether you’re a gadget freak or not!

While it’s important to get a new phone once in a while, you’d most likely not enjoy it if you don’t get one with the right specifications. You need a phone with large processing and storage capacity, the right camera specs, and other essentials.

The Tecno Camon C8 is the solution to what you’ve been looking for. This product is one that wouldn’t fade out in a hurry because of the specifications that come with it. It is an Android Smartphone that is manufactured to give users impressive mobile data speeds and awesome photo captures. For people wondering if the Camon C8 price in Nigeria is equivalent to the qualities, or if it’s expensive, you have nothing to worry about.  

Still not convinced?

Here are some reasons why you should get a Tecno Camon C8 as soon as possible

  •  RAM and processor: The Tecno Camon C8 phone uses a processor that runs at 1.3 GHz. It has a RAM that of 1 GB, so it is capable of delivering quality services at a satisfactory level to customers, especially if they do not leave so many apps open at once.
  • Storage and Camera specs: If you’re a picture freak, this is one thing that you’d most likely look out for. The Tecno brand has never disappointed when it comes to manufacturing phones with high-quality cameras. This phone comes with a 13-megapixel primary camera and 5-megapixel selfie camera. Perfect for photography enthusiasts in any kind of situation.

The beautiful thing about this phone is that it comes with an LED flash for both cameras, and the main camera has the autofocus feature. Perfect for both day and night events.

What about storage?

The storage capacity is up to 16GB, which can be increased to 32GB with the aid of an SD card.

  • Display design: The phone has a very attractive and graceful design. It’s not too bulky and not too light either. It comes with a large 5.5-inch diagonal display screen with HD resolution. It is also combined with an IPS panel, which means whoever uses the phone is in for a good time.
  • Availability and pricing: These phones are available in almost every phone store you can think of. All you have to do is search for them. They are even available in online stores. Furthermore, one question that is probably running through your mind is, “what is the Camon C8 price in Nigeria?”

If you’re in this shoe, not to worry! The Tecno Camon C8 price in Nigeria shouldn’t scare you. It’s roughly between N36,000 to N45,000. Amazing features at an affordable price. You do not have to break the bank before you can afford this phone.

What could be better than this?

Purchase this phone on yeebia today, and you’d be glad you did.


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