Why is Apple Carplay Great?


Technology in cars has grown over the years. New car models have entirely new or more advanced features that the old vehicles were missing. Items crowning the dashboard increase its aesthetic value and are a great selling point. An example of the new feature is the Apple Carplay which allows you to use your phone while driving by displaying it on the car’s infotainment. Car brands like Audi and Mercedes currently have models that support Apple Carplay. The Audi Apple Carplay has excellent benefits and is an attractive feature for Audi lovers. We expound on the benefits of Apple Carplay below.

Advantages of Apple Carplay

Most car owners or buyers embrace the Apple Carplay by having it fixed in their cars or ensuring they buy a vehicle with one. It is loved and enjoyed due to its numerous benefits. Some of them include;

1. Presence of Siri

Siri is a voice assistant in your iPhone that does what you ask it to do. It works in your car after integrating with Apple Carplay. Siri understands and responds to certain languages like English, Thai, Spanish and Italian. As much as it works well, the language limitation can be a huge drawback to some people, but they can always use google translation to make it work. Saying ‘Hey Siri makes the female voice assistant respond correctly only if it understood what you asked.

2. Easy Connection

Before the Apple Carplay was introduced, most people connected their head units to their smartphones via Bluetooth. This can be dangerous to a driver considering he or she is required to stay focus and hear sounds on the road. With Apple Carplay, you need to connect iPhone to the car using a lightning cable, turn Siri on, and you’re good to go.

Your screen content is displayed on the car’s infotainment in a zoomed manner, even if your phone is locked. For the Apple Carplay feature to work properly, the phone should be an iPhone 5 and above with an IOS of at least 7.

3. Receiving and Answering Calls

When using this feature, answering calls is done by pressing buttons on the steering wheel or dashboard for those cars that have or by touching the screen on the dashboard. Since your call history and contacts are synced into the AppleCarplay, the name of the person calling appears on the screen if they are saved on your phonebook. You can easily make calls by prompting Siri to locate the person in your phonebook.

4.Accessing Messages and Other Apps

You prompt Siri to read messages to you, and if you want to reply, you tell her the message, and she types it for you. You can access apps like Apple Music, Spotify, and other music apps and listen to your favorite songs while on the move. However, a subscription with Apple music is needed for you to use voice prompts to locate your songs for third-party apps.


As a driver or car owner, getting Apple Carplay is a good idea, considering the various benefits that come with it. Buy a car that has it in-built or have it installed by an expert and enjoy the experience.


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