How Do I Know If My Window Regulator is Broken?


If you notice your windows are sticking, your window regulator may be faulty. Sticking windows can wear down parts and cause the motor to heat up. When the motor is hot, it is likely to burn out. So, how do i know if my window regulator is bad? There are several ways to tell if your window regulator is bad.

Signs of a bad window regulator

A bad window regulator can lead to a variety of problems. This assembly is responsible for raising and lowering your windows whenever you push the power window button. Most vehicles come with a combined motor and regulator assembly, so if one component stops functioning, the entire system must be replaced. To identify if your window regulator is bad, check for these signs:

The window regulator may be damaged if it sinks into the door or won’t stay rolled up. In either case, a broken regulator is a safety concern. A defective window regulator can also cause interior components to deteriorate due to excessive sun exposure. This is why replacing your window regulator is so important.

Another sign of a bad window regulator is the squeaky or grinding sound. This is the motor of the regulator. When this part fails, it will become ineffective and may eventually burn out. In some cases, it may also cause your window to be lodged in the wrong position.

Checking for a blown fuse

If you’re wondering whether your window regulator is functioning properly, then you may need to check its fuse. The safest way to test a fuse is with a voltmeter. Attach the negative lead of the voltmeter to the ground and the positive lead to the first and second metal square on the fuse. If you get a reading of 12 to 14 volts on both sides, the fuse is functioning properly.

A fuse in a window regulator controls the amount of electrical current that your window can receive. If the fuse is blown, it will cut off the power to the window. This prevents the window from functioning properly. In some cases, a blown fuse may also cause a variety of other electronic problems in your car.

Checking for a torn or folded rubber gasket

If you have a torn or folded rubber gassket on your window regulator, you may need to replace it. The repair process is relatively easy. To begin, remove the window regulator. Then, use a trim removal tool to pull out the old gasket. Once removed, replace the new gasket in the same location. You may also want to use silicone spray to prevent the window from sticking and gliding.

When checking for a torn or folded rubber-gasket on your window regulator, be sure to check for any foreign objects that could cause the window to stick or malfunction. It may be possible to repair this issue with super glue or even a repair kit available at most auto parts stores.

Locate the screws that connect the regulator to the window’s cylinder. The screws should be a little shorter than the screws on the middle. If the screws are longer, you may find that they interfere with the regulator. If they’re shorter, you can unscrew them and then replace the regulator panel.


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