Is It Wise to Add a Bidet To the Toilet Seat?


In the world of do-it-yourselfers, most Americans would like to know what it takes to install a bidet seat to the toilet by themselves. The fact is, if you do not have plumbing experience, then you cannot install a free-standing unit of a bidet. But you can easily install a bidet seat on your toilet. Go ahead and think about it. In order to set up that free-standing unit bit, you should work with a plumber who will confirm all the plumbing needs and requirements for that bidet with the intention of making sure that the drainage and water supply are correctly installed. So how do you add a bidet to your toilet seat? shares the most crucial steps with you.

Turn the water supply off

This may seem like common sense, but it is not- pretty easy to forget. The first step towards installing that bidet seat in your toilet is to make sure that the water supply valve is turned off.

Thereafter, you should flush the toilet in order to remove the remaining water because you really don’t want leaks.

Remove the current toilet seat

Your bidet sear should be installed at the exact same place where the toilet seat is. You need to yank out the original seat, including the nuts, bolts, and any other tool holding that seat in place.

Go ahead and clean the mounting of the seat for quick and easy installation of the bidet seat.

Attach the mounting seat of the bidet to the toilet

Put the mounting plate of the bidet on the toilet’s bolt holes and then insert the brackets so that they are well aligned with the holes of the bolts.

Thereafter, you can mount the bolts through the brackets and then tighten them. The seat should be installed in the secured plate.

Install the bidet

Slide the seat onto the plate until it clicks. It may be essential to adjust the position of the plate to align the seat with the toilet better.

Connect the water supply

Unscrew the toilet’s water supply hose from the tank’s valve. You will notice a little drip. At the tank, you can screw the bidet valve. This is where the hose was connected.

Go ahead and screw the hose to the base of the t-valve then screw the end of the bidet to the seat. Tighten the connections to ensure that they are secure.

Let the washing begin

Go ahead and turn the water supply back on. Check it for water leaks. If you notice that there is one, confirm that your connections are tightened properly. If you have an electronic toilet seat, then you can easily plug it into a grounded outlet. Use an extension cord where necessary.

Final Thoughts

There you go. You now have a well-set toilet bidet seat. But you must test it. In order to test if the bidet seat will work, you can just place your hand at the bottom corner of the seat then press the button if available. Ensure that you hold your hand over the seat’s nozzle while it sprays.


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