What Is A Pet Feeder And What Are Its Benefits


Owning a pet is very similar to being a parent. When you own a pet or two, you have to make sure that the pets are bathed, they are given attention, and they are well fed. Your pet’s diet is as important as that of an actual human being. You have to make sure that you are feeding your pet the right foods. But remember, specific types of pets have particular diets. For instance, dogs are more inclined towards proteins while birds eat cereals, which are not a healthy choice for dogs. Cat and dog owners, in particular, are more demanding when it comes to their diets. This is where pet feeders come in handy. 

What are pet feeders?

Pet feeders, often known as automatic pet feeders, are devices that are designed in such a way that they dispense specific amounts of foods for pets (mostly dogs and cats) at given times of the day. The owner of the pet has to set or program the device so that in his or her absence, his/her dog or cat can get food in the right quantity. These devices come with internal timers that help with the programming. The devices come in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors from which you can choose. The programmable devices also come at different costs depending on the brand, additional features, functions, dimensions, and durability.

Advantages of pet feeders

  • Pet feeders help to ensure that your pet does not miss a meal, whether you are in the house of away on a business or any other kind of trip.
  • The device helps to ensure that your dog does not overfeed when you are away since it dispenses specific portions as programed by you. This fact is especially important because overeating may result in issues such as obesity, which would give rise to more severe medical problems.
  • Pet feeders also help to ensure that you maintain the eating schedule for your dog or cat even when you are not physically close to the pet.
  • More sophisticated pet feeder brands dispense food each time the pet touches the device. Once your pet is conditioned to understand that the pet feeder provides food, it will always go towards the equipment when hungry.
  • A pet feeder helps pet owners to train their pets to eat on schedule and specific amounts of food.
  • Some designs of pet feeders come with a monitor on which the pet owner can leave a customized message to the pet. The message then runs when the pet is feeding. The message can be used to alert the pet that it is time to eat. This element helps to enhance bonding between the pet owners and their pets.

Take Away

When choosing between the several brands and types of pet feeders in the market, there are several factors to consider. Some of these factors include the size of the feeder, which should be relative to the size, type, and the number of pets that you own. The durability and special features of the device are also important factors to consider.


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