Steps For Building A Container Home

container home

Shipping containers are used by shipping companies to transport large sums of merchandise from one location to the other. Most of these containers are reusable. However, after some time, the companies sell decommissioned containers to different people and organizations who find other purposes for them. Some of these companies go ahead and resell the containers to individuals looking to build homes from them. Shipping container homes are, therefore, homes that are constructed using shipping containers as the main material. Container home builders work to come up with and build the best quality homes from simple shipping containers. In this post, we look at the process of constructing a container home.

  • Come up with a design

Before you even think about getting the materials that you need for construction, you first need to come up with a design. The container home design will help you decide how many containers you need, the dimensions and the materials you need. Also, consult a professional who will help you come up with a good design and an estimation of the number of containers you will need. Make sure the design you choose does not go against the codes provided by the construction authority in your area. At this point, you also need to get a building permit from the necessary authorities in your local area.

  • Buying the shipping containers

The next step for constructing a shipping container home is acquiring the containers. When buying the shipping containers, make sure to inspect them in person and not take orders from the internet if the dealer is not trustworthy. IIf you manage to check it physically, inspect for elements like rust and other damages that could impact the quality of your home. Also, choose the nearest dealer because it will reduce the cost of shipping.

  • Build the foundation

Like constructing a regular house, you need to start with the foundation when building a container home. There are three types of container home foundations to choose from;

  1. Concrete slab foundation- this is one of the most durable and strongest foundations. However, it is also one of the most expensive and time-consuming to construct.
  2. Concrete footings- this is the best kind of foundation if you are looking to keep the container in one place for a long time. It is also more cost-efficient than the latter. However, this type of foundation requires a lot of planning and attention to detail.
  3. Wooden beam footings- this is the easiest to construct and the most affordable type of foundation for a container house because it does not require a lot of material. They can also be installed much closer to the time of constructing the house, unlike the other types of foundation.
  • Stacking the shipping containers

How you lay or stack the containers depends on the design of the house. This is the most complex part of the construction.


During construction, you will realize the amount of time and energy it takes to transform a metal box into a home. The complexity of your design will also affect the time, cost, and energy factors. The condition of the container and the plan for the final product are also factors to consider. Sometimes, you may be forced to step away from the initial plan.


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