Want an Auto Pet Feeder? Everything you should know about them


Automation is quickly creeping up in every aspect of life, with the animal sector being just one of them. One new tech-based idea aimed at the pet-products category is an automatic pet feeder. In this article, you will learn more about the pros and cons of auto pet food dispensers.

 Advantages of Pet Feeders

Automatic pet feeders are designed to guarantee your pet is fed independently of the location you are in or the surrounding circumstances. Briefly put, they will never just miss a meal.

Like humans, pets need some weight management. Statistics from case studies indicate that about 50 percent of pets in the US are obese. An overweight pet is not a happy dog or cat since the two cases pose a great health risk for the animals.

With an auto pet feeder, you shall be in a position to set the right food portion at the frequency with which you think your pet should feed.

Automated pet feeders provide portion control coupled with planned feeding. This has a way of making it easier for you to manage your pet’s weight as well as other medical conditions.

The self-contained measure of the bowl makes it easy for you to clean the dish.

Besides, the automated pet feeder allows your dog or cat to feed for longer hours in a day.

Auto pet feeders help you to avoid the negligence of your furry friends feeding on stale food. This is appended to the fact that the exposure of a pet’s food to humidity and other environmental factors can cause contamination.

If you look at different reviews of various types of auto dog feeders, you will realize that most automated dog feeders dispense fresh food coupled with the recommended portions for your dog.  The chunk will be sealed away from the open-air as well as humidity.

No food lying around for rodents

It is normal for rodents to make a stay under your roof very uncomfortable. Auto pet feeders don’t leave food lying around to attract rodents to your ambiance.

Disadvantages of Automatic Pet Feeders

Regardless of the benefits, there are issues with automatic pet feeders. Every pet owner needs to consider the potential problems below carefully:

Pet feeders lack sensors. Therefore, they will continue to dispense programmed meals where there is leftover. This also means that there is no way to monitor the eating progress of your pet.

The dispensing action of an auto pet feeder is noisy. It may be disruptive to your hungry pets.

Generally, an auto pet feeder works well with dry foods and specifically of certain sizes. This may not be versatile for every pet.

Cleaning the pet feeders can also be difficult, but this is based on the pet feeder’s design.

The pet feeder cannot function in case the batteries wear down. This applies to when power is lost too. Your pet can, therefore, miss their meals.

Final thoughts

Pets have different dietary feeding needs. Electric pet food containers will always meet those needs. And prior to purchasing the feeding system, you should check out various container options to select the right one for you.


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