3 Best Portable Car Lifts For Home Garage

Portable Car Lifts

If you work your car inside the garage, then you understand the value of using a lift. The best option for you would be to install one. Not only is it the primary tool for a mechanic but also the ultimate tool that allows you to work on the car with some ease comfortably. To make the right decision, you need to have a grip on some of the best portable car lifts for home garage in the industry. In this article, we pinpoint some of the leading brands of portable car lifts.  

  • Sliding Jack

The sliding jack portable car lift is 3,500 lb. It is affordable and economical in many ways. It is also one of the best portable lifts in the automotive industry. Other than that, it is designed in a way that supports its ease-in-storage. Besides, it is adjustable and easy to operate. The sliding jack also comes with flexible stand extensions in addition to being in a position to fit into different storage lifts. For portability, a sliding jack is lightweight. However, when shopping for this device, you must also note that it has its downsides. For starters, it does not fold. This makes it unsuitable for heavy-duty cars.

  • Dannmar

Dannmar is a portable scissor lift that can service your car efficiently. It also has a flexible cart that has been serving car owners as a tow handle. That way, when using this device, you can quickly move your car from one bay to the next. In addition to being versatile, the device has a safe lock coupled with an adjustable arm assembly. This makes it easy for you to lift your car. Dannmar is voluminous and robust enough to light heavyweight cars. This is an additional reason for acquiring the device. It implies that this lift can serve your car repair lifting needs.  

Portable Car Lifts
  • Triumph NT

This is a properly designed car lift. You will like its stability as well as high quality and durability when it offers you a significant safe way to repair your automotive projects regardless of your location. As with any form of device, when shopping for a car lift, safety should be a key consideration. Triumph provides you with a secure operational platform such that when you are working on your car, you can rest assured that you are protected from injuries that may be caused if the car slid from its original position.  Other than that, it is also affordable.


Multiple manufacturers design and then create car lifts depending on the use and environment of use. On the other hand, retailers sell these products online and that is why you should conduct extensive market research before investing in a portable car lift. You need to go for a reputable brand for excellent car service and eased usage. In this blog post, we have highlighted the key features of the top 3 best car lifts for your home garage. Based on their overall performance, Triumph has several perks that might excite you.


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