All Water Wave Hair Basics You Should Know


You can style your hair in many ways. Whether you are working with natural hair, wigs, or extensions, you can always try different styles. Wigs and extensions usually offer limited hairstyles. However, the wigs and extensions also come in a wide range of styles. Straight to curly and water wave hair, there are numerous style options in the market. This post focuses on water wave hair basics.

What is water wave hair?

As the title suggests, water wave hair features a curl pattern similar to the pattern of water waves. Water wave hair is also a combination of curly and wavy hair patterns. The combination of the two patterns helps create a natural and realistic appearance. Water wave hair differs from other forms of curly hair because of the irregularity in its curl pattern. This is because this type of hair features a variety of curl patterns (as mentioned before).

What are the characteristics of water wave hair?

The following are some primary characteristics of this type of hair;

  • Water wave hair comprises curly and wavy patterns
  • The curl patterns are usually manufactured to ensure they resemble natural water waves
  • This hair is easy to maintain
  • Water wave hair comes in the form of extensions and wigs

How to take care of water wave hair

If you are a regular wig-wearer, then you understand that these hairpieces require regular and proper maintenance. Correct care will help enhance the durability of the hair. It will also help ensure that it maintains its splendid appearance and quality longer. Caring for water wave hair is not that much different from caring for your natural hair. It mainly entails maintaining a hair care routine and ensuring that you use the right hair products. Below are some useful tips for caring for your water wave hair:

  • Wash your water wave hair at least once per week
  • Ensure to use the right shampoo and other products as a moisturizing mask
  • Swap your hair care products at least once per month or a couple of months
  • Condition the hair before you style it. It will help make the styling easier
  • Do not expose the hair to a lot of heat and harsh treatments

How are water wave hairs worn?

Water wave hair is a type of extension or wig. For this reason, you can wear it in a wide range of styles. The styling options with water wave extensions are limitless. You can wear the hair in ponytails, different types of parts, and several other styles.

Benefits of water have hair

  • This type of hair is easy to maintain
  • It offers impeccable styling versatility
  • It comes in a wide range of hairpiece styles and designs
  • It is beautiful
  • Its curl patterns are unique
  • All women can wear it


Water wave hair is more than a type of extension. It is also available in a wide range of wigs. For instance, there are water wave lace front and lace closure wigs. Regardless of the form of water wave hair, its characteristics remain the same. This is by far the most attractive type of hair curl in existence.


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