Things to consider before choosing quartz countertop

brown quartz countertops


Since the invention of countertops, kitchen life has been less stressful. We’ve had wood, glass, ceramic, granite and a few other countertop materials. But each has been discarded over time due to some problems such as the accumulation of dirt, germs, stains, dents, breaks, scratches, etc. But worry less because a new countertop material has been introduced that makes all those problems obsolete. The quartz countertops.


Quartz is known as one of the top hardest material, ranking a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, the few materials harder than quartz are corundum, topaz, and diamond which makes it more preferable than any other material previously used on countertop. Quart can be found naturally in ores but are hard to come by, but they can be engineered man-made which makes them have all the benefits of the mineral and not also comes unsealed. It is chemically inert and doesn’t react to most chemicals. Although bleach may damage the surface and cause degrade in some spots.

Why you should choose quartz countertop

There are countless reasons why quartz should be the best option for your countertop, here are a few

I. Durability

 Quartz countertop is known to last forever if taken care of, due to the hardness of the material,  they’re resistant to dents, scratches, cracks, heat, spill and even prolonged weight on top without any damage to it. In short, they still look great after a long period of use (despite the intensity). Although the fact that the surface quartz countertop does not wear easily does not mean it should be misused.

green quartz countertops

II. Maintenance

One of the major advantages of the quartz countertop is the ease in maintenance, in order for the surface to last and shine continuously. Unlike other countertop surfaces, quartz non-porous so, therefore, there are no spaces for pieces of food to fall into and rot or accommodation for stains. The non-porous quality of quartz also makes it easier to clean. It doesn’t require any hard chemicals to clean the surface. Simple soap and water suffice. But to attain a shining surface dome certain materials are to be used. Examples are a nonabrasive sponge or a soft microfiber washcloth, a dishwashing soap, glass cleaner, and a degreaser. It is also important to note that the faster the stains are cleaned the better.  When food has dried on top you may use a chisel-like material to gently scrape off the clump of dried food on the surface. Extreme heat, pH extreme cleaners, overexposure outdoor and cutting in the surface should be avoided to prolong a smooth and clean surface. Always use a chopping board!

III. Design

 One of the most fascinating qualities of the quartz countertop is the diversity or variety in design and color. Ranging from the simplest patterns to the complex patterns. Although the most common color is white varied by streaks of either gray or black or both. Most manufacturers design to look like marble countertop having the look of marble but the rest quality of the quartz.

So make sure that you get yourself a quartz countertop as soon as possible!


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