Characteristics and Textures of Malaysian Hair


Malaysian hair is sourced from the country of Malaysia, primarily by women based on their religious believes and commitments. Like any other type of hair, different types and styles, such as Malaysian kinky straight hair, are present in the market. It is no secret that in recent years more women have resulted to using the hair due to its smooth and silky feel as well as the natural shine it has. In this write-up, we discuss the characteristics and texture of Malaysian hair.

What is Malaysian Hair

The hair is mainly made from the hair of South-East Asia’s natives. It is one of the most loved hair types by celebrities and other people who know and understand it. It comes in dark colors, but you can color it lightly to your preferred choice. Malaysian hair is available as processed and unprocessed virgin hair. Virgin human hair is the best option to get since it comes as it is from the donor. It’s also expensive than other types, and its durability is unmatched.

Characteristics of Malaysian Hair

It has distinct features that will help you seal the deal when selecting the type of hair you want.

Malaysian hair is wavy or curly hence perfect for those with textured hair like coarse and medium. It blends in seamlessly with the natural hair making it appear real to the naked eye. Its wavy pattern is bouncy and voluminous and works well for Afro-Caribbean women. The hair still retains its beautiful wave pattern when wet, but its curls don’t stay on for long due to its soft nature. Therefore, you can decide to straighten it or buy one that already straight from the shop.

The hair has a luxurious luster and shine, which captivates the eye of the buyer. However, after a couple of washes, the glow fades off.

The texture is soft and smooth than any the in the market.

It is thick and may not be suitable for those with little hair due to the weight. However, it’s ideal for those looking to increase their hair volume.

It has a heavy density and needs to be washed less.

Textures of Malaysian Hair

The texture of this hair is based on the hairstyle that can be achieved from it.

a. Malaysian Straight Hair

It is one of the latest styles and is gaining popularity with time. It is still a great choice since it shows the hair’s features and is found in the virgin type, which has the best quality.

b. Malaysian Body Wave

It has defined waves and a large body which give it a luxurious look. Its shine is toned down and requires minimal maintenance. You can restyle it to straight or curly, and it doesn’t shed off because of the double weft.

c. Malaysian Loose Wave

Its curls are machine crafted thus are more defined than the body wave. You can straighten it when you want and increases your hair length and volume.

d. Malaysian Curly Hair

It is 100% virgin and closely resembles natural curly hair. It is shiny and also has a double wet to prevent shedding.


Malaysian hair is versatile and can be styled in many ways. It can be curled, waved, or straightened and reused several times while enjoying its softness, shine, and softness. It’s also tangle-free; hence no breakage or split ends is present.


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