Top 5 Best Types of Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sinks are highly important in our homes. They can help us improve our productivity when we have the right sink. So, whether you want an upgrade, rekindle your love for cooking, kitchen remodeling, or you just need a more capable and productive workspace – there are countless reasons to get yourself a new sink.

We have scoured the market and have compiled a list of 5 of the best types of the kitchen sink, having both style and functionality.

5 Best Types of Kitchen Sink

1. Farmhouse Sink

A farmhouse sink, otherwise known as an apron sink, is a type of sink that protrudes or extends over the sink counter. It’s named Farmhouse sink because it’s commonly used in a rustic farmhouse style kitchen. A farmhouse sink can either have a single or double bowl.

With the resurgence of rustic farmhouse interior designs, the farmhouse sinks are also making its comeback. Farmhouse sinks are sturdy and durable as most are made out of cast iron and fireclay. Cleaning up and maintenance is also made easy with Farmhouse sinks as it’s made out of nonporous materials.

Farmhouse sinks are great for a huge household because of its deep basin which can hold lots of dishes. One downside though is that it’s a bit pricey compared to other types of sinks

2. Undermount Sink

For most people who love minimalist designs, under-mount sinks are the way to go. Undermount sinks, as the name suggests, is installed or mounted directly under the counter – providing your kitchen sink with that seamless and clean design.

Not only is it great design-wise, but functionality as well. It makes cleaning up easier because of how easy it is to push any debris down the sink.

3. Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel sinks are often the most popular choice among homeowners out there because of how easy it is to install. Stainless steel sinks have different categories to choose from with varying sheet thickness and gauges. The heavier the gauge and the sink are, the cheaper. While a lighter steel sink is more expensive.

Stainless steel sinks have great heat and stain resistant properties to it but are prone to dents.

4. Bar Sink

Bar sinks are generally smaller compared to other sinks because it’s often installed in home wet bars. They are more of a secondary option as opposed to being the main sink for all your dishes. Bar sinks are convenient in regards to prep work and cocktail mixing.

If you constantly have guests over or have a huge family, a bar sink would be a great addition to your bar, patio, terrace, or backyard kitchen.

5. Corner Sink

Corner sinks usually have two basins attached to it, both at other sides of the counter. Corner sinks come in handy if you want to be efficient with your kitchen space, but it is relatively difficult to install, and it is a bit pricey.

As said above, installation is difficult and would likely require you to hire a professional because it needs to be custom cut to fit your counter.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that the type of skin you choose will greatly impact your Kitchen design and appearance. Hence, choosing a kitchen sink that’ll help improve your productivity and the overall appearance of your kitchen is vital.


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