How To Use A Retractable Hose Reel


Retractable hose reels, also known as automatic hose reels, are some of the most popular and commonly sought-after hose reel designs. This is because they are very effective. They use a spring mechanism that automatically rewinds the hose onto the shaft or drum after application. In this excerpt, we discuss using a retractable hose reel.

How to use a retractable garden hose reel

One of the primary benefits of using retractable garden hose reels is that they are easy to use. Using a retractable garden hose reel is as simple as the steps mentioned below:

1. Pull out the hose from the reel

Using a retractable hose reel does not differ a lot from other types of hose reels. The first thing you must do is pulling out the hose from the reel. Note that retractable hose reels are usually spring-operated. This means that when you pull out the hose from the reel, tension is generated in the spring. Sometimes, the pressure may make it hard to pull the hose.

2. Activate the lock

Once you have pulled out the desired hose length from the reel, you must activate the lock mechanism. If you do not do this, the hose will automatically rewind onto the reel when you release it as the tension on the spring eases. The lock ensures that the springs retain the pressure, and the hose does not retract until you are done using it. Most retractable garden hose reels feature an easy-to-use lock mechanism. It either comes in the form of a latch or a switch. Note that you can activate the lock mechanism at any length. This means you have the freedom to decide on the size based on the application for which you need the hose.

3. Use the hose

After activating the lock mechanism, you can go ahead and use the hose as you wish. Most garden hoses are used for watering or irrigating plants. However, you can also use it to wash your vehicle, gardening tools, and windows. Note that you must first turn on the tap or faucet before using the product. The tap must get turned on after the hose has been pulled out and the lock mechanism has been activated.

4. Turn off the tap and release the lock

Once you have completed your tasks, you can turn off the tap. Afterward, all you have to do is release the lock. When you do this, the pressure on the springs will get released. This will cause the hose to rewind automatically to the shaft. Ensure that the hose is at the same level as the mouth of the reel. This will allow a smooth retraction.

Before releasing the lock and letting the hose rewind onto the reel, it would help if you ensured that all the water in the hose is let out.


If you are looking to use the retractable hose reel properly, it will help if you understood the various components of the device. This knowledge will make using the product effortless. Whether or not you correctly install the hose reel will influence its ease of use.


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