How To Care For Your Garden Hose


There are so many operations that require a water hose reel. To ensure your garden hose serves you longer, there are some necessary things you must do. If you neglect them, in just a little while the garden hose will be condemned and that would leave you with no option but to get another one.

Caring for a garden hose is not a hectic task, it only requires some carefulness and organization on the part of the user.

Maintenance Of The Garden Hose

1. Fix Leakages Immediately

For you to make your garden hose last longer, you must repair damages and leaks immediately you notice them. The garden hose is made of soft plastic or synthetic rubber, which makes them flexible.

When the leaking parts are not repaired, over time the pressure from the water will cause the leaking parts to extend, until the hose is completely damaged.

2. Cut Off Water Supply From The Spigot And Not The Nozzle

The garden hose contains both a nozzle and spigot. It is better to stop water flow from the spigot. To make your garden hose last longer, it is required you stop water flow from the spigot and leave the hose to dry.

Relying on the nozzle to stop water flow could cause water to accumulate in the hose and this can rupture It.

3. Do Not Store Under Sunlight

The water hose reel is made of soft plastic and exposure to sunlight over a long period, can make the plastic weak. This is not good for the hose because when the hose becomes fragile, the high pressure can easily burst it.

If you really care for your garden hose, after each use, dry it properly and keep away from sunlight.

4. Store In A Garage During Winter Season

Leaving the hose outside during the very cold winter season can cause it to freeze. If you reside in a cold environment, it is very important to take the garden hose into the garage or somewhere inside, if you do not have a garage.

This is advised because when the soft plastic of the hose freezes up, it would cause cracks and this would cause the garden hose to leak.

5. Do Not Drag Using The Spray Nozzle

Caring for your garden hose requires that you do not drag the spray nozzle. If you do this, it would weaken the point between the hose and the nozzle, and cause your garden hose to start leaking.


The garden hose is such a useful tool that makes the work of watering and washing easy.

You must have noticed that it is easier to maintain it than to go through the stress of watering your plants one after the other, and also the high cost of repairs.

Being aware of the usefulness of this equipment, it is very important to handle it with utmost care and carry out everything required to keep It in good working condition.


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