Why You Need a Multipurpose Cleaning Cloth in Your Home

Multi-purpose cleaning cloths

You have probably looked at the name and been like, “What would I need a multipurpose cleaning cloth in my home for, apart from cleaning?”


A clean home gives you peace of mind and sanity. You would be able to think clearly and articulate your ideas properly. It is quite unfortunate that most of our life routines make cleaning our homes more or less like a burden rather than responsibility and duty. And this shouldn’t be.

We all use different rooms in our home for different reasons. You do Netflix and chill with your family and friends in the living room, you prepare dishes in the kitchen, you relax and sleep your bedroom, you pack your car in your garage (or store unwanted items there) and you use the toilet and bathroom for personal use.

Whatever reason you may have, you must clean it often. Microfiber multipurpose cleaning cloths have made this task super easy, so here is why you need to have one in your home:

  • It can be used for several purposes: We usually ascribe cleaning to mostly our kitchens, because that’s basically the most treasured room in the house for some people, and we must take care of our kitchens because that is the easiest place in the whole house to contact germs. However, our cleaning cloths can also be used for other tasks other than ‘cleaning’. It can be used as a hand towel rather than a conventional paper towel. It can be used as a towel to wipe our faces or wipe baby skin, and other activities that require a towel.
Multi-purpose cleaning cloth
  • It is super absorbent: Looks can be deceptive. Our towels can hold liquid that is almost four to five times its weight. So it can be used to clean countertops, bowls, and plates, microwave ovens, stainless steel wares, stoves, mirrors, coffee/espresso machines, windows, wooden cabinets and furniture, electrical appliances, and any other equipment that usually have grease and water remnants. How better can it get?
  • It dries easily: Our cleaning cloths are made up of 100% microfiber, a material made from polyamides and polyesters. Some of the things this material is known for are its absorption, filtering ability and most especially, its softness. When the cloth gets dirty, it can simply be rinsed with water if it was used to do a small chore or washed with soap if used for heavy duties. Under adequate conditions, this cloth dries with the speed of light, so it can be used almost immediately.
  • It is durable and safe: It is super safe for all kinds of surfaces, even for ones that get damaged with consistent scratching. Plus, the material doesn’t wear off or get damaged with usage or washing, so it lasts for a very long time.
  • It comes in a pack: The beautiful thing about our microfiber multipurpose cleaning cloths is that it comes in a pack of six with several colors. So each cloth can serve a different purpose without creating confusion.


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