What are the Different Types of Wig Cap Construction?

Wig Cap Construction

The market is packed with different types and brands of wigs. When choosing the best one for you, you have to consider factors like color, your face shape, type of hair, and hair length. Shoulder-length wigs are the most preferred for women. They are especially common among women who do not have naturally long hair. They also suit different face shapes and are easy to maintain. After determining the best wig length, you also need to choose the best wig cap construction.

Types of Wig Cap Constructions

  • 100% hand-tied caps

This type is also known as a 100% hand-knotted wig cap. It is where each of the hair on the cap is tied to the base by hand. These type of wig caps creates a more natural movement. It allows each hair to move freely. It is by far the softest and the most comfortable type of wig cap. It is the best choice for people with sensitive scalps and those that are suffering from hair loss. It is also one of the most versatile because the hairs can be comped to whichever direction.

  • The Basic Wig Cap

Capless and traditionally constructed caps fall in the category. They are the most affordable and durable of all the other types. Compared to other types, these caps have better wefting and ventilation. They are characterized by a hair lift and built-in volume, especially at the crown. Before the hair is tied to the cap, it teased at the root to help mask the cap.

  • Monofilament wig caps

This type is where each of the hairs is tied by hand to the sheer base of the cap. Note that not the whole cap is fitted with hairs. The hairs can either ve tied at the crown or along a pre-defined part. Sometimes, the hairs are ties across the full top of the cap. This type of cap creates an illusion of natural hair growth from the scalp, where the hair is split during styling. Note that only a full monofilament wig cap allows for splitting and versatility during styling. There is also a double monofilament cap. It resembles the monofilament but has an extra layer of material. The material is normally soft, and it allows for added comfort.  

  • Lace Front wig caps

This construction type of wig cap is where each hair is tied by hand on a section of sheer lace. Like the monofilament cap, the hair is not tied to the entire cap. However, the only part that is left without hair is the front hence the term front lace. It helps to make styling easy while giving the illusion of a natural-looking frontal hairline. It is the easiest type of cap to wear. The sheer that is left at the front is made using delicate material that is prone to tear if it is not handled with caution.


Wigs help women gain more confidence in their day to day. They also help women that are suffering from conditions like cancer that trigger hair loss. Women also prefer wigs because they are an easy alternative to having to go to the salon and spend money constantly.


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