How To Preserve Your Coffee Table


Round a coffee table is the place you should be whether you want to have a drink with friends or play board games. Additionally, a coffee table with storage helps you to store items such as stationery.

These coffee tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture in a room. Hence, they deserve adequate care and maintenance. If not, they will lose their beauty and you wouldn’t love them as much.

Some factors such as excess light, scratches, temperature changes, and moisture can reduce the lifespan of a coffee table. But this shouldn’t stop you from rocking your favorite style. Just keep the maintenance tips in mind and you will be just fine.

Coffee Table Maintenance Tips

Below are a few secrets to maintaining a coffee table

1. Shine the Surface

Coffee tables, especially wooden ones, come with a natural gloss. It is this same gloss that attracts them to many people in the first place. So it would be a shame to let your coffee table lose its shine.

As you continue to use a coffee table, soon the natural finishings will wear away and the table wouldn’t look so attractive again. To prevent this, make sure you shine the surface of the table at least once in six months.

2. Get Rid of Water Damage

Liquids such as coffee or water leave an unpleasant mark on glass and wood coffee tables. As much as possible try to avoid spilling liquid on your coffee table. However, if coffee is mistakenly spilled on it, wipe it off immediately.

Get a clean towel and place it over the stain. With a hot iron press the towel gently until the stain goes off. The heat from the iron helps the towel to absorb the moisture and its stain. Always lift the towel at intervals to check your progress.

3. Cover the Scratches with Nuts

If You have ever owned a wooden coffee table, you must have noticed that they are easily scratched. To avoid scratches, you don’t need to cover them up with bubble wrap.

Instead, use a nut on the surface to make it darker. You can make use of Brazil nuts or walnuts. When you open the nut, rub it on the scratched part and wipe it with a towel. The nut should remain on the table until it is properly blended.

4. Clean the Table

When the table starts looking all old and worn out, don’t be in a hurry to discard it. Clean it following these simple steps and soon its glory will be restored.

Add a cup of vinegar to a bowl of lukewarm water. Wipe the surface of the table using a clean towel damped in this mixture. Make sure you wash the tricky areas properly.

After you are done washing, rinse the surface with another bowl of clean water. Lastly, dry the table with another clean dry towel to remove every trace of moisture.


Maintaining a coffee table might not be a very easy job but in the end, it is worth it. With proper maintenance, not only will your coffee table remain attractive, but its lifespan will also be prolonged.


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