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Great friends are for life. A good friend is nigh irreplaceable. Hence, although friendship bracelets might be seen by some as being cheesy, they are not. If a personalised bracelet is your thing, along with other forms of jewellery, then this article is for you. We will be discussing friendship jewellery.

Every great relationship is built on the foundation of friendship. Whether married, engaged, or just romantically engaged couples. They all started by being great friends. So you cannot outgrow friends. By extension, you simply can’t outgrow friendship jewellery. But you could upgrade. There are numerous types of friendship bracelets available.

The variation in types is almost as much as the types available for just about any other type of jewellery. Hence, let us first consider the types and forms of bracelets available in today’s fashion scene. Some are flashy and others not so much. It all depends on you.

Types of Friendship Bracelets

There are numerous types of friendship bracelets so we will go as far as we can. We will be listing those who seem to be topping the rest this year. They include:

i. Message Friendship Bracelets

ii. Birthstone Friendship Bracelets

iii. Personalized Name Friendship Bracelets

iv. Personalized Initials Friendship Bracelets

v. Wish Friendship Bracelets

vi. Sterling silver Friendship Bracelets

vii. liberty Friendship Bracelets

viii. Infinity Friendship Bracelets

ix. Hammered Friendship Bracelets

These are just the top 9 types or forms of friendship bracelets. However, there are a lot of other variables left which could make you friendship bracelets even more unique than you expected.

Designs of Friendship Bracelets

· Bar Bracelets

· Heart Bracelets

· Slider Bracelets

· Bangles

· Star bracelets

· Bar Bracelets among others.

With the various designs and types of friendship stones, there are various available options for you. You could mix any number of designs to get your very own personalized custom friendship bracelets. For instance, you could try the birthstone friendship bracelets in a star bracelet design.

Price Range for Friendship Designs

There are various types of friendship bracelets. This inadvertently means that there would be various prices suitable for you. whether you are on a budget or not, you could get a classy and elegant looking friendship bracelet. Typically, you could get your bracelets from as low as £6 to as high as almost £100.

This price range is the standard price range. But for customized bracelets, the price could be higher. At the end of the day, it depends on what you want. Regardless, you can be sure that you would be able to purchase original products if you patronize us.


Getting original bracelets has been extremely easy for your convenience. All you need to do is visit a trusted website and make your choice. You just select what color, design, type, and cost of friendship bracelets you are searching for. The system would automatically filter out those that do not meet your requirements. All you need to do go through the shortlist and pick one. it will be delivered to you in almost no time.


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