Is Your Asus Laptop Fully Charged?


Because users keep their adapters connected when using their laptops, the battery will often be in a state of rather high-power, ranging between 90 percent -100 percent. This might cause a reduction in the total battery life. To protect the life of your battery, you should set it to the maximum power range. For some models, the health of the battery is integrated with My ASUS Laptop configuration. You can always check it in local hardware where there are life support batteries. This article highlights the relationship between an Asus Laptop Charger and the battery.

The Battery Life Cycle on the Charger

Because of the total chemical properties of Lithium ions in the ASUS charger, the battery capacity will decrease with use. This is normal in many cases.

Over the above, the life span of a Li-ion battery should be noted to be approximately between 400-500 cycles.

In normal usage conditions as well as in ambient temperatures of about 25 percent, the Li-ion battery should discharge and frequently recharge for about 300 cycles.  

After that, the battery capacity might drop to about 80 percent of the initial capacity.  The battery life of an ASUS laptop will always decline, but this varies with the whole system design, power consumption, operating software consumption, as well as total power management and general settings.  

The temperatures can be abnormal depending on operations that can result in a rapid decrease of the life battery of your laptop in just a few seconds.  

If you decide to maintain the current mode, then a message will pop up once more after about 90 days.

And if you switch to the two modes known as the Balanced Mode and Maximum Lifespan, the message will not pop up anymore until you decide to change it Default mode or full capacity.

The discharge rate of the battery highly depends on the software operation coupled with the power management and its settings. For instance, when running computation programs that seem to be heavy, such as gaming software, as well as videos that end up consuming more power as compared to the general world processing software. When the battery is charged fully, the ASUS laptop will be connected to the USB as well as Thunderbolt devices, thereby hastening the discharge process.   

Protecting your ASUS Battery

Charging your ASUS battery under a high voltage will often quicken its aging. Also, to extend its life span, when the battery maintains its 100 percent power following a full charge, the system will definitely not recharge because of the protection mechanisms.

A battery’s charge and initiation, in addition to the capacity, should roughly be between 90 percent and 99 percent. The real value is going to differ by the actual models.

The batteries charged under relatively high ambient temperatures can permanently be damaged and then accelerated, leading to a decline in the total battery life. And when the temperature is too high, the capacity of charging will be limited. In other cases, it might stop altogether.  

Final Thoughts

Generally, batteries are viable consumables. A good cell should respond to the ASUS charger you decide to purchase. A swollen battery needs to be discarded immediately.


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