How To Choose The best Blonde Hair Color

blonde hair color

Finding the best 613 hair that suits you can be a challenge since they are available in many shades. Bear in mind; not all blonde shades will fit your skin tone. Some will tend to be perfect for those with pale skin, while others need warm tones in the complexion to work well. Additionally, it will depend on the current color of your hair. So, choosing the right blonde hair color that fits your skin tone is essential.

Which blonde wig will suit your skin tone?

First, you must know if your skin has a warm or cool undertone. The cool is demarcated by red, blush or pink undertone, while golden, peachy or yellow undertones demarcate warm.

A simple way to define the type of your skin is by tying the hair backward and draping a white towel over around your shoulder and neck region. If your skin appears yellowish, you have warm tones, and if the skin appears red, you have cool undertones. Another convenient hack for determining your skin tone is by taking a look at the veins in your wrist. If they look green, it means you have warm tones, and if they look bluish, you have a cool tone. If you have a combination of the two, it means that you are neutral toned.

Read through to know how to choose the right blond shade that fits your skin tone.

The things to consider

Blonde might be one woman’s poison and another one’s food. Even though the majority of blonde shades are designed to fit fair skins, it is women with an olive and dark skin tone that experience hardship when finding the right blonde shade. Here are some of the important aspects to consider when finding the best blond shade.

  • Pay attention to your skin tone

The skin tone is different from surface skin tone. Concentrate on the undertone of the skin as well. Find out if you are warm-toned, cool-toned or neutral-toned. If you are not certain, check out for earthly colors such as yellow, orange, and gold fits you well than purple, silver or blue. You can then decide whether to lean on the warmer side depending on what you find out.

  • Pay attention to the shade of blonde hair

The color of the blonde comes with numerous shades that range from gold and champagne to strawberry and honey. Pinpoint the best shades that you like. After that, you can talk to a hairstylist to help you get the right blonde shade that fits your skin tone well.

  • Cogitate your clothes

This is one of the best ways to know the undertone of your skin. If you tend to lean on purple, blue and other colors that have cool tones, then know you’re cool toned. If cool and earthy colors fit you, you are neutral toned. This shows that the two undertone shades will work best for you. However, the possibility is that you will lean towards a specific undertone.

  • Pay attention to your makeup

If you are cool toned, but you choose warm makeup to look warm-toned, consult a hairstylist to determine the best shade you should choose. If you do not want to choose a blonde shade, then make sure it clashes with your preferred makeup.

  • Consider the color of your natural hair

This aspect plays a vital role if you are contemplating to get blonde hair highlights. You are required to choose a color that matches well with your natural looks. If your hair is brunette, you might need to ponder keeping your looks darker to form a shadow root effect.

Additionally, bear in mind that if you are brunette and you want to color your hair, you must bleach your locks first. Subject to the blonde shade you want, you will need to bleach your hair at least four times. This will make your hair dry out.

Since you know the things to consider when choosing the color of your blonde hair, let’s look at some suggestions on what shades fits your skin tone.

Blonde shades for various skin tones

If you are warm-toned, go for the usual earthly blonde shades. Note that colors such as gold, golden beige, and rich champagne will work well for you. Blonde shades that are cool toned might appear shuddering against your skin.

  • Blonde hair color for cool-toned skin

Ladies with cool toned skin can opt for ashy blonde shades. Don’t choose yellow-brown or golden blonde shades. Opt for colors such as platinum blonde and Scandinavian blonde. They come with whitish-silvery hints that make them appear cool toned.

  • Blonde hair colors for fair-toned skins

Women with fair-toned skins tend to pull off the majority of blonde shades. However, the one type of shade that fair skinned women can pull off well is the light pastel blonde. Nevertheless, remember that opting for a light pastel blonde will need some bleaching and you will have to nurture your locks back to health. Make sure you use a purple toner to get rid of the brassy and yellow tones from your tresses. 

  • Blonde hair color for medium-toned skins

Women with medium skin tones have plenty of blonde shade options. Typically, they have neutral skin tones and can choose between cool and warm shades. Go for medium blonde shades such as ash or dirty blonde. Avoid picking brighter shades since they might appear fake.

  • Blonde hair color for olive-toned skin

If you have olive-toned skin, blonde shades such as warm beige, light gold, honey blonde, and soft strawberry might look perfect on you. Never opt for the shades that tend to contrast with the tone of your skin since they might highlight the skin’s green tones and heighten imperfection.

  • Blonde hair for dark-toned skins

In most cases, dark-skinned women opting for blonde is a great decision. It’s an excellent way to flaunt your looks. You can choose any blonde shade you love, but you must make sure it blends with the undertone of your skin. For example, if your skin has a cool undertone, choose a yellow blonde to clash against it. Ensure your roots are always dark since it is the best sure way of making the transition to blonde smooth. Additionally, your hair color will appear fresh even if the hair grows out.

  • Final word

Make sure you pick your blonde hair color with care. Note that the shades are created different hence, not all will fit you. It is essential to contemplate on your completion and the current color of your hair to choose the best shade that will suit you.


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