Your Pool Heat Pump Troubleshooting Guide


Have you ever had a problem with your pool heat pump out of the blue? A lot of pool owners face this at one time or the other, and it may not be because it isn’t properly installed. When you purchase an Aquark pool heat pump and it develops issues, note that some internal and external factors are responsible for it.

That said, this guide shows you simple ways that you can pool heat pump-related issues in no time.

What Are the Common Pool Heat Pump Issues?

Some problems are usually common when your heat pump isn’t working well. It’s essential to know this so that you can detect when it develops a fault. Below are some major signs:

1. Dysfunctional Pool Heat Pump

You may find out that your heat pump is on but isn’t heating the pool to make it warm even when it is above the normal working temperature of 50°. To avoid this, make sure that there isn’t any obstruction in the pipework and there’s enough airflow to ensure the heat pumping for the pool.

2. Takes Longer Time to Heat Up

When you notice that the time expended to heat the pool is longer (maybe takes over 24-27 hours). If you see this, it may be because the heat pump is insufficient to circulate the pool, the atmospheric temperature is not okay and the heat pump is faulty.

3. Pool Heat Pump Refusing to Come on or Go off

Once this occurs, check if your unit and the circuit breaker are properly fitted, and the temperature of the pool isn’t higher than the pump. Ensure to adjust if it isn’t fit.

4. Leakage

This is usually associated with heat pumps that warm the pool water through hot gas and refrigerant. Call a technician as soon as possible when you notice a leakage in your heat pump.

5. Inconsistent Water Flow

This is when your pool heat pump doesn’t have a continuous water flow thus making the recycling process of heating long. All you need to do is to in this case is to open the working valves and clear all dirt from the filter or filter basket in the pool pump.

How Do I Reset My Heat Pump?

If you decide to reset your heat pump, follow the procedures below to go about this.

  • Find the thermostat and turn it off.
  • The power switch near the heart pump must also be switched off.
  • Proceed to the 2-heat pump electrical heat pump and switch it off.
  • Give it time, not less than 4 minutes, and switch everything back on.
  • Now, in reverse order, turn them all back on i.e. the heat pump electrical breakers, the switch, and the thermostat.

Final Thoughts

Following the instructions above will help prevent any problems regarding restarting your pool heat pump.

Having understood what a heat pump is and how to resolve any issue from it, using the heat pump effectively for your pool shouldn’t be hard.


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