Should your kids wear headband wigs?


Headband wigs are a great fashion item to own. They are simple to use, easy to maintain, and very fashionable too. Wherever you go, you will find many people rocking headband wigs. However, the big question parents usually have once they’ve seen how easy it is to slip one on and look completely stunning in it, is if they can get one for their kids too.

So, can they? And if they can’t, why? These and similar questions will be answered below.

Do your kids need wigs?

Contrary to popular belief, adults are not the only ones who can put on a wig. A wig is merely false-hair, and kids as young as seven have been known to don wigs regularly. However, the argument for why kids need wigs is usually allowed if the reason is considered practical. Practical reasons such as alopecia and cancer are two popular reasons why kids need wigs. Even though one could argue that a headband wig wouldn’t do the trick in these cases, a headband wig could be ‘something different, fun’ that your kids get to try out.

Aside from medical reasons, a headband wig or any wig, in general, is a fun way of allowing your kids to express themselves. What is advised in the case of kids wearing fancy headband wigs is moderation, and the best way to do that is to allow your kids to use them once in a while during special occasions.

Parents go through a lot in the course of a day and are still tasked with creating a fun environment for the kids; this means taking them on fun outings and the kids have to look presentable at every outing. It is understandable if as a parent you are unable to find the time to make your kids’ hair for a special occasion, and instead of putting on a cute headband wig for them.

Finally, it is worth knowing that headband wigs’ makers have made efforts to make the decision easier for every parent out there. There are headband wigs made especially for children that look nothing like what the adults wear. The headband part of the wig is more pronounced in terms of the surface area of each. Some also have elaborate designs. You’ll find some with bunny ears, or unicorn horns. Your kids will love wearing them.


At the end of the day, it all depends on the kind of parent one is to decide if a kid should be allowed to wear headband wigs or not. Some conservative parents might be of the opinion that kids shouldn’t have to wear things like that unless there is a dire need that necessitates it.

However, an adult’s headband wig is practical unlike kids’. One could argue that since there is a clear distinction between what an adult’s headband wig looks like when compared to a child’s, then it is okay to allow your kids the fun of trying out a pink unicorn-shaped headband wig once in a while. But, the decision rests on you as a parent.


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