When Do You Need a Document Camera?


You might have noticed the tremendous move from normal in-person activities. Many in-person activities moved online leading to an increased in the use of the Joyusing V500S document camera.

Most of the changes that occurred regarding in-person activities started during the pandemic. The inability to gather in a place to learn or have a business meeting called for desperate measures.

Everything moved online, businesses and business meetings, classes, more interviews, and many more jobs were done from home.

This sudden change called for more available and upgraded technology to meet the sudden need. Webcams have been available for a while but the need was not filled.

You might wonder if webcams are not good enough. The truth is, it all depends on what you wish to achieve. You have to understand why document cameras and webcams are different.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the document camera is designed with the intent for the focus to be on a document. It also focuses on other items, enlarging it and streaming over the internet.

But webcams are designed for video calls. The primary use of a webcam is to make video calls. It can also be used to stream or record your face.

It is possible to use a webcam and a document camera interchangeably. but there are bound to be varying results because it is not the intended purpose. So what is the intended purpose?

Document Camera- The Dynamic Shift

You can call them modern overhead projectors. This is because they make it possible to focus on a document and boldly display it on a large screen.

Displaying documents and displaying them on large screens is especially important when doing a presentation or when you teaching a class.

But as the online activities have increased, the document camera can be plugged into your computer to help students focus on the close-up document while streaming.

The document camera is perfect for online business meetings, conferences, and teaching online classes. It makes it easy for your audience to see written documents and follow along.

With the document camera, you can focus on any object and not just documents. The document camera gives you options.

They can zoom in or out, and sometimes have microscopes attached to them. They can be used to make YouTube videos, as a teaching aid, and for other video recording purposes.

Webcam- Meant for Computers

Webcams are cameras meant for your computer. They are commonly used for video calls, live streaming, video blogging, and video recording.

If your computer has a poor camera or none at all, a webcam is an ideal substitute. Webcams are not as versatile as document cameras.

Webcams are also designed to stay in a fixed position or slight tilting. Webcams allow you to record in 4K resolution or 8K resolution. HD and full HD resolution work well with subpar lighting as well.



Deciding whether you need a document camera or a webcam depends on the results you want. You have to look at their strong points and low points to ultimate decide. However, the document camera comes highly recommended.


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