Things that Come with Huawei Mobile Services


A few months ago, Huawei began to open global markets through its Huawei mobile services (HMS). Rather than relying on GMS, the smartphone manufacturer started to promote its HMS service, and it has invested millions of dollars under a program known as “Shining Star” with the hope of expanding its HMS ecosystem. With the plan bound to become successful, its smartphones and smart devices are bound to become more powerful.

As you know, Huawei’s access to the Android OS has been restricted by Google because of the US trade ban. Although this is a blow to Huawei, whose goal is to become the largest smartphone manufacturer globally, the company is striving to conquer the market. Thus, the manufacturer has developed HMS to replace GMS.

What is Huawei Mobile Services?

The company has invested a lot of money in building its HMS ecosystem with various services that cover Google’s HMS functions. Huawei mobile services are a platform of services and apps such as Huawei ID, payment processing, and push notifications. Thus, HMS Core includes a collection of cloud and terminal capabilities.

Like the GMS, it is made up of core elements and app elements. You should note that the HMS ecosystem is made up of HMS core and capabilities that are available through APIs. The latest version of HMS 5.0 is meant to overcome the shortcomings of HMS Core 4.0.

Services and Apps HMS

The HMS includes services and apps, such as browser, audiokit, music, App Gallery, cloud storage, themes, reader, assistant, music, and more.

App Gallery

Huawei App Gallery is meant to replace Google Play Services. New smartphones from Huawei come installed with App Gallery that is serving over 700 million active users across the world. Statistics show that it has accumulated over 180 billion downloads. Moreover, international apps are being released by developers in the HMS ecosystem.

Recommendations are based on the country selection and user’s location. In fact, intelligent recommendations include nearby apps, and local apps meant to provide an enhanced experience.

Can HMS Surpass or Replace GMS

Recent statistics have shown that HMS apps and services have a bright future, with millions of users using it. Moreover, the latest release has come out after the continued perfection of the Android ecosystem. The HMS is being refined to replace GMS functions. There are also reports that Google is seeking collaboration with Huawei because of commercial interests. That does not mean Huawei will not keep improving the present situation. In any case, politics keep changing, and there is always something to win.

Developers believe that HMS will improve Huawei’s smartphones and devices. Also, it will offer powerful capabilities that challenge the Android ecosystem. When it is compared with Apple and Google, the HMS service has room for growth.

With the launch of the HMS 5.0, it is expected that Huawei will tap into emerging markets in areas such as maps, videos, and stores. In addition, it will ensure that developers across the globe can accelerate the development of their apps and increase their revenue.


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