What should you look for in a hose reel?


The bushes have been pruned, the lawn has been mowed, and the planting beds weeded. Such a beautiful sight of your yard. Everything is in place- except a pile of hose that has been left for later. The sight of the twisted hose is even more annoying.

Now you have to put it in place but to achieve that you require a hose reel. This cylindrical spindle could be made of plastic or fiberglass, or metal. It is the only place to keep your hose safely and neatly. How do you get the reel that is right for you? You could visit https://giraffetools.com/products/retractable-garden-hose-reel to make a choice.

Your choice may depend on the size of your property, or your budget, or even your gardening pattern.

Factors to consider when selecting a hose reel

Below are some things to look out for when shopping for your ideal reel.

1. Check for the Capacity of the Hose

The first thing you want to check for is the length of your hose. The length of your hose will determine what reel will be suitable. To get the length, you should use tape, and measure from the water source to the area where the water will be supplied.

To make sure that the hose length matches that of the reel, make sure to check on the packaging information on both of them if you are buying new but measure you already have a hose, just measure the hose.

2. Check for the Leader Hoses

Most of the available garden hoses have a leader hose included that is meant to attach to the reel to the water source. If you are buying new or just getting a reel for your old hose, remember to check the packaging information to know if the diameters match so that you can thread them together.

3. Is It Portable Or Is It Stationary?

Some reels can be attached to a location permanently. This location could be the side of your house, your garage, or wheels so that it can be portable. Considering your landscape will help you know what works for you.

If your yard is big, a more mobile wheeled reel would be a better idea, while smaller yards can make use of a wall-mounted hose reel.

4. Is It Manual or Is It Automatic?

Winding the reel could be a bit of work if you decide to use a manual hose, unlike the automatic models that have a side button that winds the hose for you when you press it.

5. Is It Closed Storage or Open Storage?

People who prefer their reel not to be seen can go for a hideaway storage reel. The closed reel option has an enclosed container to house the reel. It also has a lid on top that provides access to the hose. The open storage reel is an alternative where the reel is exposed but tidy and well kept on the reel.


Though simple, some reels come with optional extras such as a basket whichis provided with some wall-mounted reels for keeping small everyday garden tools conveniently. A hose guide is sometimes provided to help prevent kinking during the winding and unwinding process. It also helps in preventing the reel from turning. The right choice of the reel is one big blessing in disguise.


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