How to create a unique photo custom diamond painting

photo custom diamond painting

Art has evolved over the years, and diamond painting is one of the many art forms that is gaining prominence. Diamond painting is often considered an exercise for the creative mind; this is not far from the truth. Unlike the conventional style of painting, custom diamond painting requires you to pay close attention to every single detail.

The uniqueness of this craft means it is not limited to a specific age group or gender. Diamond painting involves the use of crystals like diamonds to form a pattern that eventually makes up a design. Often, a photo is divided into several grid patterns that can be printed on canvas. You must have made inquiries about this craft at one point or another; this article takes a look at the processes involved in creating photo custom diamond painting.

Get all of the necessary kits

The process of creating photo custom diamond painting is quite similar to that of other crafts in the art world. First, you have to ensure you have all of the basic kits for the completion of the painting. Having these tools could significantly aid the process of creating a perfect design. Some of the necessary tools include; flat-backed diamonds, tray, pen-shaped tool and pre-printed canvas.

Prepare the canvas

Once you have all of the listed tools in place, you can proceed to the preparation of your canvas. The canvas might be rolled; you’d do well to flatten it on a smooth surface. Likewise, the four edges and sides of the canvas should be adequately straightened. Observe the canvas to gain full knowledge of its properties.

Get your diamonds out

It’s essential that you sort out each of the bags housing the crystals via the numbers written underneath each one. Place bags containing crystals of the same colour in the same area to allow easy access. The canvas is often outlined with symbols and numbers that are meant to serve as a guide as you proceed. Observe the position of each symbol and compare with those on the diamonds. You can now start filling the tray with the corresponding group of the diamond.

Stick it with the gel

The box of gel should come handy while you’re trying to place each crystal in position. Pick each of the crystals with the pen-shaped tool and dip them in the gel for some time. Afterward, place the gem on the canvas and ensure it sticks by pinning the entire edge. Repeat this process until you have attached all of the gems on the box.

Place a plastic sheet over the canvas

Once you have placed all of the gems in position, you’d do well to put a plastic sheet over the box. Once the sheet is spread over the gems, you can now place a heavy object over the sheet. The purpose of this particular step is to ensure the uniform arrangement of the gems on the canvas.

Final Thought

Photo custom diamond painting is one of many activities that allow you to show your artistic creativity. This article helps you through the process involved in creating a unique design.


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