What To Expect From Honor Black Friday Deals?


Owned by Huawei, Honor is originally a smartphone brand, but it has expanded to laptops, smartwatches, and other gadgets. The Honor is fairly acclaimed and quite popular as it is hitting the international market at a significant rate.

With that said, it is not a wrong idea to believe that the Honor brand has been delivering. Apart from smartphones and laptops, they also delivered televisions and tablets. Their products come with a sense of uniqueness and are quite affordable.

The concept of Black Friday is not a foreign move to the brand. These are some of the initiatives and deals that have been executed. Here’s what you can expect from Honor.

Former Deals and Current Deals from Honor

  • Honor had an initiate in 2016 that involved Honor Black Friday Coupondeals, deals of discounts, and loads of bonuses. The series of offers was estimated to be among the hottest cakes while being available in different countries.
  • Honor also have a special series of Halloween deals, launched in October. These deals majorly focused on the Honor MagicBook 14, Honor MagicBook 15, Honor Watch GS Pro, and Honor Watch ES. £100 and £50 coupons were the main focus while extra bonuses included Honor Router 3, Honor Bluetooth Mouse, and Honor Sport Bluetooth Earphone.
  • They also have a current series of deals under the tag called “BACK TO SCHOOL.” These specials are inclusive of Honor Watch ES, Honor Watch GS Pro, Honor MagicBook 14, Honor MagicBook 15, and Honor MagicBook Pro.

Things to Expect from Honor Black Friday

With the recent history of the brand, which is not hard to study (given that it launched just around seven years ago), the patterns emerged. These patterns show the approach of the brand and can predict what to expect, to some extent. 

Here is a list of things you can wait on from Honor Black Friday:

1. Honor Black Friday coupon

The brand has always been a big fan of coupons. This has shown in their various campaigns, some of which were already mentioned above. The two categories of Honor Black Friday coupon common here are the £50 coupons and the £100 coupons. I will personally say it is not bad to expect those figures.

2. Unique Offers for Different Countries

This is a very obvious thing from the Halloween special offers. Honor creates an offer for targeted Countries, which includes Spain, Germany, Frances, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Their website even comes with the function of choosing your regions, if you want, even with respective languages infusion.

3. Bonus Gadgets

If you have been following, you must have noticed, too. Bonuses have mainly been comprising of Routers, Bluetooth Mouse, Bluetooth Earphones, and even the Honor Mini Speakers.

4. Percentage of discounts

As earlier stated, from the previous black Fridays, there were different deals for various countries. Spain has enjoyed up to a 55% discount, and Germany had up to £120 off for a discount. Other Honor Black Friday offers included a £200 coupon for Italy.


From the Halloween offers alone, Honor gave up to 60% off in discounts, coupons, and bonuses. These deals are worth considering. Be prepared to experience a memorable Honors Black Friday that leaves you anticipating the next one.


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