Why should you go fishing with kids?


Fishing is a brilliant activity that is suitable for all genders and cultures and age groups. Once you get the opportunity to reach the dock, it doesn’t matter who you are and what your age is. What matter is the catch! While you are in a boat with the led underwater fishing light turned on and you feel a pull on the line, the adrenaline will start rushing through your body. As you reel in the catch, the pride and the happiness you feel will have no match.

If you are introducing fishing to your kids, it is a great idea for an outdoor sport. The sense of victory and pride that your kids will feel when they catch a fish will give them the much needed self-esteem, pride and confidence. You may tell your kids stories of how some anglers bonded together to catch a fish that was bigger than their boats or the stories of fishermen who love to catch rare fish. Fishing, above all, is a sport that tests your patience as you have to wait even for hour.

It builds confidence among kids

Fishing builds confidence among kids. As kids learn to catch fish and become more successful, they will see a rise in their confidence. It will give them the sense that they can do anything in the world. This will help them build clear concepts of things and techniques. As they catch their own food, they will feel a unique kind of independence. They will feel more open to friendships and socialization.

It develops in kids unique motor skills

Fishing demands greater motor planning. Kids learn how to cast, catch, pull and let go. They tune in their bodies to learn when to reel in and when to let go. Fishing demands great concentration skills. Kids will have to plan each move as they feel a pull on the line. They will be challenged to make sure that they work in complete harmony and coordination so that they catch a fish without dropping themselves in the water or on the rocks and also without losing the line or any other apparatus.

It builds better coordination

Fishing demands better coordination and balance as well. If your kids are fishing on a boat at night, they will have to learn to stand cautiously so that the boat doesn’t capsize. Reeling also needs greater balance and coordination because you never know how much weight is under water. If you have hooked a big fish, the reeling will be equally harder. Here better coordination among the brain, the legs, the arms, and the feet help kids maintain balance until the fish reaches the boat or the kids manage to pull it to the shore or the bank.

It teaches perseverance

Fishing is not about haste. Sometimes, anglers have to wait for days on end without a catch. So, if your kid has not got a catch at the first attempt, you should make him keep trying until he succeeds. Fishing teaches perseverance and the rewards that perseverance brings for people. This teaching will help kids when they are pursuing loftier goals in life.


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