5 Rules Not To Break With Sweet Lolita

Lolita dress

Lolita fashion has taken the world by storm, especially in the last few decades. As there are various Lolita choices, including sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita and gothic Lolita in existence, getting to choose one that works for you, especially if you are a beginner is imperative. Nonetheless, when it comes to dealing with Sweet Lolita, you cannot merely choose any garment and call it a Lolita dress. To fully understand how to ace the sweet Lolita look with minimal hustle, below are various dos and don’ts you should know about.  

  • Sweet Lolita Blouse

Sweet Lolita is the chief Japanese street fashion whose aim is to portray a sweet and innocent persona. A key feature to consider when selecting is that the blouse design should minimize exposure of skin. Naturally, high necks and turtle neck types of blouses are the go-to style choices for Lolita fashion. As expected, this usually eliminates low cut blouses like round neck and v shape neck that can showcase your cleavage. To truly ace this look, avoid plain blouse designs that are too solemn for sweet Lolita look. Instead, pick designs that incorporate the use of ribbons, lace, and frills.

  • Sweet Lolita hair

To steadily portray the innocent look, the styling of hair is an integral part of sweet Lolita look. As expected, the go-to Harajuku style hair options are used for long shoulder-length curls that frame the face and soften your look. To change this style up, you have the choice of placing your hair into pigtails for the ultimate innocent play. If your hair is too short or would like to minimize manipulation on your real hair, invest in a high-quality wig to showcase the same look.

  • Sweet Lolita Skirt

Brolita fashion revolves around the shape of the skirt. Even though the use of A-line skirt is possible, an authentic Lolita look makes use of a bell-shaped skirt. The preference is due to the ability of the bell-shaped shirt to accentuate feminine features with minimal effort. To maintain this look, use a petticoat that poofs the skirt. If the use of a petticoat isn’t your preference, choose to invest in bloomers that should be worn underneath without being shown. As modesty is a crucial element, the skirt should be knee-length or longer.

  • Sweet Lolita Headgear

The use of headgear in sweet decora fashion is more common than in any Lolita style. Often without the use of headgear, the Sweet Lolita look is deemed incomplete, and hence you should aim to add one according to your style and preference. Headgear styles that you can use include the use of bows, little hats, and bonnet in your hair. If you aren’t used to various headgears or haven’t found one you like enough to buy, you can achieve a great look with the use of ribbons and flowers.

  • Sweet Lolita Colors

The core principle that guides the sweet Lolita Japanese fashion subculture is the use of colors. Unlike Gothic Lolita that uses darker hues, sweet Lolita makes use of airy, fun, and light colors. Colors to use include cream, baby blue, lavender, pinks, and white. As these colors are warm, they give off a fun and cheery vibe.


As seen above, sweet Lolita fashion aims to portray an innocent child-like character. To ace this look, stick to fun light colors. Additionally, select cloth materials that incorporate the use of frills and ribbons when choosing a Lolita dress. Overall, aim to keep the style design simple, allowing you to look great with minimal effort.


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