Six Unique E-Cigarette Brands Available In The Current Market


Use of electricity cigarettes has been on the rise in the recent past. Consequently, various manufacturers have developed numerous unique e-cigs to give their consumers a variety of choices. For instance, in the current world, there are many e-cigarette brands in the market with exclusive features and designs. In this article, several types of e-cigs will be discussed.

  • Starter kit

The e-cigarette starter kit is best designed for individuals who are willing to start vaping, hoping it will help them reduce their smoking rate or stop it completely. The starter kits are available in various brands, thus giving the users a wide variety. Besides, they are low in power and are designed to be used on the mouth to lungs vaping style.

  • Disposable E-cig

Arguably, this is one of the best e-cigarette 2019 brand. It is also known as minis or disposable cigalikes. After use, you can decide to dispose of the device. In most cases, they are found in tobacco cigarettes sizes, thus giving the users the required comfort.

E-Cigarette Brands
  • The cigalike

This type of e-cigarettes is commonly used by most individuals who were previously using tobacco, then disposable e-cigs. The device in question contains researchable electronic devices that resemble cigarettes. Also, they come together with rechargeable batteries and a cartomizer or clearomizer. Additionally, they are available in various flavor choices.

  • Vape pods

In the vape starter kit, there are various versions and designs of vape pods. They are designed with a disposable pod which is used to house both the e-liquid and the atomizer. Therefore, you are required to purchase replacement pods once you dispose of the previous one. They use a similar working principle with the cigalike, only that they use disposable pods instead of cartomizers.

  • Pen-style kits

As the name suggests, the equipment in question looks like a pen. However, they are among the best e-cig vaporizers since the come in different sizes and have different power output to suit different types of users. Although they have various features, they all have a similar shape that represents a pen. Also, some of them have internal battery while others are designed to support external batteries.

  • Squonk mods

If you are looking for e-cigs for sale, squonk mods are some of the latest vaping type devices. The device in question houses a silicon bottle that would contain approximately 10ml of e-liquid. However, their design only supports bottom-fed RDA atomizer, and you are most likely to damage it if you try to use it differently.


In conclusion, Unquestionably, uses of electronic cigarettes have been on the rise in the current world. Subsequently, various manufacturers have developed several e-cigarette brands as a way of expanding the user’s variety. Starter kit, the cigalike, vape pods, disposable e-cig, pen-style kits, and squonk mods are some of the unique types available in the current markets. Therefore, if you want to join other users in the e-cigs world, there is a variety of design, flavors, and brands.


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