Is Energy-Efficient Inverter Pool Pump Worth It?


If you own a traditional pool pump, there’s definitely a lot of money going into its operation. This is your time to upgrade the swimming pool pump system and replace it with a more energy-efficient inverter pool pump like the one manufactured by Aquagem.

Aquagem has been in the business for quite some time. The company has produced some remarkable pool accessories, uplifting user experience through a great deal. It not only focuses on investing in the latest technology but also takes several steps toward a reduction in its carbon footprint.

This time they have introduced a first-ever touch-screen inverter pool pump which is not only energy-efficient and helps you save money but also reduces the pump noise to a great extent.

Why Buy An Energy-Efficient Inverter Pool Pump?


The biggest reason to buy Aquagem’s energy-efficient inverter pool pump lies in the name itself. It follows one of the most energy-efficiency techniques among its competitors and saves you bucks. On the other hand, a regular non-inverter tool pump tends to be the second-largest energy consumer in the house of those that own it.

This is especially a burden on pockets if you live in a warm climate. In such regions, swimming pools are generally operative throughout the whole year. In fact, this invention can be beneficial to install even if you only activate your swimming pools during the summers. The savings can go even up if you reside in areas with a very high cost of electricity.

More Control over Water Flow

More luxurious pools do not only have a single area for swimming. There are several other water features, such as a spa, grotto, and other fancy elements. If you’re lucky enough to have such a pool, the inverter pool pump will only add to your luxurious lifestyle. It will give you extra control over the water flow in each section of the pool. You can alter the speed of the pump with just a single touch.

Less Noise Production

Regular swimming pool pumps are loud. To make it clear, they can be loud enough to destroy your outdoor pleasure easily. This inevitably defeats the purpose of a swimming pool, and one cannot relax and enjoy peace in such circumstances. Even a slight decrease in this undesirable noise could help.

This is why the Aquagem’s inverter pool pump is nothing less than a savior. It uses the InverSilence technology that makes pool pumping quieter than other pool pumps in the market. In fact, you’ll sometimes have to double-check if the pool pump is still operating due to this extraordinary feature.

If you’re convinced enough to buy an energy-efficient inverter pool pump for yourself, keep one thing in mind. Your new pump’s horsepower should match your pipe size.

Wrap Up

As science is progressive in all fields, it is no surprise that even the swimming pool accessories are utilizing the research and benefitting you. Inverter technology is proven to be very efficient in many electronic appliances, and Aquagem has no intentions of being left behind in this race.


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