All You Need To Know About Surgical Face Masks


Deqi is one of the top manufacturers of surgical face mask making machines in the globe. The company supplies its products globally, especially in China. Deqi manufactures fully automatic surgical face mask making machines. The main product by the company realizes a series of processes the likes of material feeding, nose clip, and earloop welding as well as binding of the finished products. This machine is used by most face mask making machines. In this post, we look at all the important details of face masks.

Types of Surgical face masks

There are four types of face masks, depending on the level of protection that the masks offer. They are;

  • Minimum protection face masks

Some masks are designed for short procedures. These masks are mostly nonresistant to fluids. One of the instances where the masks are used is during medical exams where there is no fluid, spray of aerosol involved.

  • Level 1 face masks

This type of face mask resembles the standard version with ear loops. It is applied in both standards, surgical and procedural applications. It features fluid resistance. However, it is meant for low-risk situations where there are no fluids, sprays, or aerosols involved.

  • Level 2 face masks

These masks have 120mmHg fluid resistance. They offer a perfect barrier against both light and moderate aerosols, fluids, and spray. They are used in moderate-risk situations like surgeries.

  • Level 3 face masks

This type of face masks is meant for high-risk situations. These masks are designed for the heaviest possible exposure to both aerosols, sprays, and fluids alike. The masks feature a fluid resistance of 160mmHg.

Surgical Mask Design

Typical surgical masks are made of three layers. The three layers are made up of melt-blown polymer that is placed between two layers of non-woven fabric. The three layers help to promote added protection.

The difference between surgical masks and surgical respirators

The difference between these two types of devices is that surgical masks are designed to act as barriers to splashes, such as moisture from a sneeze. On the other hand, a surgical respirator is designed to filter out airborne particles, the likes of viruses and bacteria. They, therefore, create a seal around the mouth and the nose.

Are Procedural masks similar to surgical face masks?

The difference between procedural masks and surgical masks is the fact that surgical face masks are used in environments with possible contaminants, while the latter is used in clean environments. For instance, surgical face masks are used in public places to prevent the spread of elements like bacteria that causes the flu. On the other hand, procedural masks are used in places like ICUs and Maternity units. Therefore, the answer is NO! Procedural masks are not similar to surgical masks.


In this current state of the world, with the continued spread od coronavirus, there are various brands of face masks in the market. However, most of these masks are useless because they do not meet the standards of good surgical face masks. These standards include the fact that they should be made using non-woven material and have three layers.


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