A Guide To Best Art Piece Sizes


Bedroom wall art pieces are currently a trendy interior décor option. They make the room look outstanding and classic. When choosing the best art pieces to hang on your walls, whether in the bedroom or other room, one of the most important things to consider is the size. The size of the art piece you choose depends on several factors, including your wall’s dimensions. Going bigger is always a great idea. However, it would help if you also considered the sizes that the market has to offer.

Common sizes for art pieces

Below are the standard art piece sizes from which you can choose;

1. Mini

Art pieces in this category usually feature a height and width of 10 by 17 inches, respectively. They are usually stand-alone pieces. Most of the time, they are used as part of a larger collection, and they are an incredible option if you are looking to hang more than one piece on a single wall. For instance, you can have up to 10 mini art pieces on a single wall, and it will still look amazing.

2. Small

Small art pieces are slightly larger than the mini. They are usually 18 by 2 inches in height and width, respectively. These pieces of art usually work better when they are paired with others. Doing this gives them a more symmetrical appearance. However, they are also great individual pieces if you wish to hang them in areas with small wall spaces. They are incredible for the bathroom. They also look great in small office spaces.

3. Medium

Medium art pieces are usually 25 by 32 inches in height and width correspondingly. This is a great size if you are looking to use the art piece to personalize your foyer or home office. This size is also great if you are looking to avoid adding clutter to a room. Most of the time, these pieces work great when they are used individually. This is because adding too many pieces of this size could be space consuming and too cluttering.

4. Large

Art pieces measuring 33 by 40 inches (height by width) fall in this category. They are usually great when placed as a solo piece on a wall. If you are looking to create a polished and classic look in your room, you may want such pieces. They are perfect for the living room (behind the couch) and the bedroom (behind the bed).

5. Extra-large or oversized

Any art piece that is more than 41 inches in both height and width falls in this category. Such pieces are incredible stand-alone. They are great when placed as the focal point of a room or a single wall. However, they may not be a great option if you have limited space. Otherwise, you may end up overwhelming your wall or room space.


Before embarking on choosing the best art piece size, the first thing you should do is to measure your walls. A tape measure should sufficient for doing this. From there, you can make your choice. Note that you can always seek advice from an expert.


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