Standing or Hanging Vanity Basin; Which One Should You Buy?

Hanging Vanity Basin

When shopping for a quality vanity basin for your bathroom, you get to pick from a variety of options. While you can decide to go for wooden or metallic cabinetry, you will have to choose between a floor-standing or wall-mounted unit. While both types will make a great addition to your bathroom, you should know that they differ from each other.

So without any further delays, let’s take a look at the differences between both vanity basins.

Floor Standing Vanity Basin

The floor standing bathroom cabinet follows a simple design. In most models, you get a unit that you can easily place on your bathroom floor. Most floor-standing cabinetry comes with ample storage space.  You can find ones that measure from 400mm to 1200mm in width. So you can quickly get a unit that fits in your bathroom.

You can also find these units in different color finishes. So you can find one that meets your taste. Either opt for a contemporary look with a white gloss finish. Or you can give your bathroom a more vintage appeal with a chestnut-colored finish.

Standing Vanity Basin

Depending on your style, you can choose between drawers and doors for your cabinets. You can also find units that feature both. Some come with a single door, while others feature double doors. So endeavor to look through different floor standing vanity basin when shopping for one.

Wall Mounted Vanity Basin

The other common type of vanity basin is the wall-mounted vanity basin. Unlike the floor standing units, this type will have to hang from the wall in your bathroom. So they do not touch the floor or hold more dirt compared to the other kind.

The good thing about this unit is that you can easily access the floor space beneath the basin. So you can easily hide a flower pot there as a decorative piece. Most standing units provide more storage space compared to the wall hanging vanity basin. But this does not mean that you cannot find a wall-mounted unit with enough space to accommodate all your bathroom essentials. They are not all that difficult to install. And you can do it yourself by following a few steps.

Hanging Vanity Basin

Just like the floor-standing unit, you can also find wall-mounted systems that feature either drawers or doors. Some large ones come with both doors and drawers to give you different options to organize your bathroom. Likewise, they are also available in different color finishes. So you can find one that appeals to you. The common ones are the gloss, Chesnut, and wooden finish. You can also find others made from marble or other composite material. But you should endeavor to go for units made from long-lasting materials.

Final Notes       

There is no much difference between both units. Other than one is standing, and the other is hanging from your bathroom wall. A floor-standing vanity basin will be a better fit in the kid’s bathroom since there is no space underneath for them to play in like the wall-mounted unit.

On the other hand, a wall-mounted vanity basin will be a better option in the guest bathroom. They are a more intelligent option and look more elegant here than the standing type. Let’s also not forget that it requires less cleaning since it is hanging above the floor.


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