How Long Does Vape Juice Last?

vape juice

Also known as e-juice, vape juice is made from food-grade coloring, water, preferred nicotine or no nicotine content, vegetable glycerin (VG), or propylene glycol (PG). Just like fuel, vape juice is used in an e-cigarette. You need to refill it after using it several times.

However, users may want to know how long a particular quantity of vape juice will last. This is why we’ve made this post to get a rough estimate of how long mini vape juice will last. We begin by considering factors that determine the longevity of vaping juice.

How to determine the longevity of vaping juice?

The size of the bottle

As expected, a bigger bottle of vape juice will contain more juice and will last longer than a relatively smaller or mini vape bottle.

How often do you vape?

Some people vape only once a day. Some go twice, and others do more daily. The more you vape, the more juice you use. Light vapes may use 30 ml of juice in one week. Frequent users may take twice as much in a week.

How much you take at a go?

Its nicotine content primarily determines the quantity of juice some users take at a go. People tend to take less of higher nicotine vape juice. This means the brand with higher nicotine may last longer than the one with relatively lesser nicotine content. For those who prefer zero nicotine juice, the quantity taken at a go may not be specific. Nevertheless, the quantity of juice taken at a go quickly depletes the stock, especially when the same quantity is taken more than once daily.

When asking how long vape juice lasts, some users may mean how long it takes the vape juice to expire after first use.

vape juice

How long does the vaping juice last?

1. Storage condition

Vape juice is meant to be kept in air-tight containers and a cool, dry place. They should also be kept away from direct sunlight and from the reach of children. If any of the conditions listed earlier are flouted, it can diminish the useful life of the juice. For instance, exposing the juice to direct sunlight will make some of the components to degrade. Soon the taste and look becomes less pleasant.

2. Expiry date

The components of the vape juice have their respective expiry dates. On average, vape juice can take up to two years before reaching the expiry date. Before you purchase a product, you need to check the sides for information on production and expiry dates. Once you are clear about the dates, you can estimate if you will be able to use up the juice within the expiry period. When the expiry period is too close, you may choose another juice or use it immediately.

3. Production process

Different brands of vape juice have different production methods. Juice made from reputable companies stay fresh and last longer than those made from lower standard processes.

In conclusion, how long your vape juice will last is determined by the quality and quantity of the juice you buy and how you use it.


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