Tips on How to Make a Custom Jewelry


Custom Jewelry is also known as Personalisierte Schmuck. Creating one is one of the best ways to design a beautiful piece while integrating your personality into the design.

There are lots of ways to customize a piece of jewelry. It could be simple or complex depending on what you fancy more. This article provides an insight on how to customize a piece of jewelry.

What is Customization?

In simple words, customization, as regards jewelry, means adding slight changes to the design of jewelry. There are two ways to customize a piece of jewelry.

First, you can change already designed jewelry by adding certain elements to it. You can also start customizing from scratch but you will need the help of an independent jewelry designer to do this.

Customizing jewelry is one of the best ways to express your persona and your unique taste in fashion. While some people are interested in customization because they can’t seem to find anything that suits them in the market, others just want to add uniqueness to a piece.

Ways to Customize a Jewelry

Generally, it is easier to customize large pieces of jewelry such as bracelets and rings. But for smaller earrings, this process is usually a bit more difficult and requires a level of expertise.

Below are some ideas on how best to customize a piece of jewelry in other to give them a new and unique look


Rings are one of the commonly customized jewelry. This is probably because they are quite easy to customize.

Common ways of customizing a ring include;

  • Make engravings on the exterior or interior of the ring.
  • Add a peculiar stone shape to the ring.
  • Choose unusual metals like colored titanium or rose gold.
  • Add a touch of scare gems like opal or turquoise.
  • Makes extra layers using birthstones.


Although it is almost impossible to customize most bracelets, you can still add a personal touch to them. This can be achieved through the following ways.

  • Adding charms to a plain bracelet.
  • Joining together two small bracelets to form a bigger one. You can also use this as an anklet.
  • Creating an unusual gemstone pattern by resetting gems on a tennis bracelet.
  • Creating a bolder bracelet by braiding tiny bracelets together.


Customizing necklaces isn’t as popular as customizing rings. However, you can still bring out the uniqueness in a necklace by doing any of the following

  • Altering the length of the necklace
  • Wearing the necklace in combination with pendants of different colors.
  • Bring together various designs of small chains to make a bigger one.


You might be tempted to ask why you even need to customize jewelry in the first place, after all, there are thousands of beautiful pieces available in the jewelry store.

Customization is not all about achieving a beautiful piece, but about achieving a personal and unique look. Thus they are perfect for birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, weddings, and other personal special occasions.


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