AI Home Security And Why You Should Invest In It

1. AI Home Security (1)

Artificial intelligence is known as the simulation of a specified human intelligence in different machines programmed to think just like humans. These machines can also mimic the actions of humans. Usually, the term can be utilized in devices that exhibit certain traits linked with the human mind. These traits are such as learning as well as problem-solving. The perfect characteristic of AI is the ability to successfully rationalize as well as take actions which typically have the perfect chances of acquiring a certain objective.

For most people, a thought at artificial intelligence is highly related to robots. This is because of the big-budget films coupled with novels that depict it as a machine-integrated model that can wreak havoc on the planet Earth. This is somewhat factual. Artificial intelligence is transforming this world in many ways. In this blog post, we look at its impact on home security with specifications on the WiFi security camera.

If you aspire to protect your home as well as family from the worst that burglars can do, then it is probably time to learn more about how artificial intelligence is transitioning the world of home security.

A report provided by the Department Of Justice in the U.S. recently indicated that up to 7 million burglaries occur annually. For that reason, it is essential to invest in home security cameras to safeguard yourself and your family from such threats.

 In the past, security systems used a variety of simple sensors coupled with alarms in detecting intruders. They would then contact professionals at the security center in case something was wrong.

Those who were not at home when their alarms went off needed to be patient until they returned to assess the damage. Today, there is the possibility to integrate AI with home security. And there are multiple benefits to it.

WiFi Connectivity

The current modern security systems currently allow you to connect your cameras to the WiFi connection at home. Therefore, you can easily download and then install your smartphone app to view the right security footage right from the point of internet access.

In case the security of your home is breached, you will receive a notification that detects specific movements, including the opening of a door. A live feed will allow you to conclude if you are being threatened.

System Integrated Units With Video Cameras

There are two major applications of artificial intelligence applied in the home security system. They include video cameras for facial recognition where an individual can determine if a moving object is precarious to the home.

Facial recognition works in the form of machine learning. In this case, a system will analyze and detect objects in given footage. This is often against the approved images. The results herein will determine the alarm sound in case the object does not match the images observed.

Monitor Activity

When Artificial Intelligence is used to enhance home security, it can play a huge role in helping to monitor various home activities when members are away from home. In case your child runs back home, then the alarm system will successfully recognize the fact that he or she is not an intruder.


There are various intrusion systems integrated with Wi-Fi cameras to help you in protecting children against kidnappings. As such, cameras responsible for monitoring areas occupied by kids can also sound an alarm and record image when a kidnapper approaches. These security systems are definitely ideal in helping to enforce home security.


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