5 Best Wines You Can Find at the Grocery Store

Now let me preface this by saying that Leah and I have very different tastes in wine! I am a white-only kind of girl…the sweeter the better.  Leah, on the other hand, loves reds and drier whites!  Since we have such diversified tastes, we decided to divide and conquer to create a list of our grocery store favorites.

Let’s be honest.  The holidays are coming and grandma wants to know why your boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet.  Don’t you want a glass of wine in your hand for that?

Disclaimer…neither of us has any training in describing wines. We just drink a lot of it.

Leah’s Picks:
Apothic Red Blend (Everywhere)
This blended red wine is a favorite of mine. It’s pretty much my go-to for pizza and wine nights when people can’t agree on Zinfindel or Pinot Noir, because it’s similar, but definitely unique.  The blend is nice and dry, but still sweet and drinkable. I won’t pretend to know a ton about describing wine, so I’ll stick with what I know: this wine disappears quickly with the Kuck family, which means it must be good.
Twisted Old Vine Zinfandel (Everywhere) 
Or as we lovingly call it: “Twisted Zinf.” This is my friend Nolan and I’s favorite red (notice the above pizza and wine night reference). It’s got some great berry undertones which seem to complement pepperoni pizza fairly well. I definitely recommend it for a night in (or out) with friends, or by yourself — no judgment here.

Chelsea’s Picks:
Shelton Riesling (Everywhere)
I’ve worked in a couple of restaurants in my day and Shelton is a consistently solid option on wine lists.  Their Riesling is pleasantly sweet without the acidic after taste you can get with a lot of sweet wines.  The apple and pear notes work perfectly as a dessert wine or as an appetizer to dinner!

Turning Leaf Sauvignon Blanc (Harris Teeter)
Sauvignon Blanc is my go to dinner wine.  It is on the drier side and typically not very sweet, so it pairs better with turkey and potatoes than some of my other favorites.  I typically head toward a Sauv Blanc rather than a Chardonnay because I find Chards too buttery (look at me go, using wine words).  Turning Leaf is a pretty regular buy for me (I also like their Sweet Reisling), plus it is usually on sale!

Beringer White Zinfandel (Quite Literally Everywhere)
White Zins are about the closest I get to a red wine (don’t laugh).  Beringer has sweet, berry undertones and, according to Total Wine, pairs with spicy food.  I was going to say chocolate, but hey, I guess that means you can just drink it all night! Bonus…even Target carries Beringer.

Now scurry out the store and pick up a bottle (or three or four).  Only a week until Thanksgiving!


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