Various ways to maintain your yoga mat

yoga mat

Your yoga mat needs to be cleaned and maintained well so that it can give you long service. Besides, it is uncomfortable to do a downward dog pose on a stinking and torn yoga mat. You can imagine the smell of sweat or of dirty feet when you are taking a yoga pose.

Here is how you can maintain your yoga mat.

Do regular maintenance and cleaning

A dirty yoga mat not only has a bad smell, but it also contains disease-causing microorganisms and it is slippery. However, if you do regular cleaning and maintenance, it will give you service for a long time.

How often you should do this depends on the use. If you practice yoga daily, then you should wipe the mat in every one to three days or after every use, and then do deep cleaning once a month.

If you practice once a week, you can wipe after each use and then do deep cleaning after two or three months.

How often you clean should also depend on the environment and the intensity of the exercise. If the floor is usually dirty, then you may need to clean your mat more often. Also, intense exercise means you are sweating a lot. In that case, you will need to clean the mat often. It is important that you know how to clean a yoga mat properly.

Wipe the mat

To keep your mat clean, you should wipe after each use. This way, you will get rid of dirt, oils, and sweat that can clog the mat and make it slippery as well as kill germs.

You can wipe using a soft cloth soaked in mild soap, yoga wipes or baby wipes.

Air the Mat

You need to air the yoga mat to prevent moisture from accumulating and in turn cause bacteria and fungi to breed. So, after each session, let the mat air out so that the moisture and sweat can dry out.

Don’t roll the mat after use or after cleaning and then put it in a bag. Allow it to air. Hang it somewhere such as on laundry rack or on hangers. Just make sure there is no sunlight.

Avoid storing the mat in the mat bag. Only use the bag when transporting the mat such as when you are going for practice. On other times, just roll it when dry and store it in a cool and dry place.

Make Sure Your Hands and Feet Are Clean

One way to prevent the yoga mat from getting dirty is if your hands and feet are cleaning. This way, you will not transfer germs, dirt, oils, and creams to the mat.

Before yoga practice, clean your hands and feet. If you are somewhere you cannot wash, you can wipe your soles and palms using baby wipes.

Remember that creams and lotions can make the mat to become slippery and of low quality.

Use yoga towel

A yoga towel helps to absorb excess moisture that could have ended up in the mat. It can also come in handy if your mat feels slippery.  You can use the yoga towel if you are practicing yoga in a hot place and you are sweating a lot or if you want an extra grip on your mat.

To use the towel, place it on top of the yoga mat.

The towel prevents sweat from getting to the mat and contaminating it. Remember, there are specific yoga towels and they are available online or on sports stores. You should not use just any towel since it may not have the anti-slippery abilities and you may end up slipping and injuring yourself.


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