How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer


If you consider your laptop very important to you whether it is for your academics, business, or work, then you need to know how to maintain your laptop’s battery to make it last longer.

Use battery saver mode

When your laptop is running on battery power, you will see the battery level indicator in your taskbar. When you click on it, Windows will take you to your battery settings where you can activate your battery saving mode. On battery saving mode, you will notice a performance loss which is fine if you are not gaming or editing videos and photos. The performance will be enough to make sure you complete tasks like writing a document or working on a spreadsheet even if your battery is running low.

Unplug unused accessories

If you have peripherals that need to be plugged in your laptop to work like a webcam, external hard drive, or external keyboard, unplug them when you are not using them. The cable is drawing power away from your laptop even when not in use. This will just drain your laptop battery faster than usual.

Never let your battery reach zero

Make it a habit to plug in your laptop before your hp-battery reaches zero. The general advice is to never drain your laptop’s battery lower than 20%. Using your laptop when its battery capacity is low places a strain on the battery and this will eventually reduce your laptop’s charging capacity.

Temperature matters

It helps also if your laptop is out of cold and hot temperatures. Extreme temperatures make your laptop work harder and this in turn will cause your battery to drain out faster. Exposure to extreme temperatures can also damage your laptop’s battery.

Turn down the brightness

Your screen does not have to be at its brightest all the time – aside from draining your battery, this will just damage your eyes. Lowering your screen’s brightness also helps your laptop save power. You should also activate power-saving mode in your display settings so that your display turns off when you are not using your computer for a specified period of time.

Get a RAM upgrade

If you know you are going to do heavy tasks with your laptop, you have to make sure that it has enough RAM to accommodate it. Otherwise, your hard drive will be strained and this can drain out your battery. Storing information in your RAM instead of the hard drive makes it faster to retrieve data. You can always get an upgrade by adding more RAM to your laptop.

Don’t always charge your battery

Apparently, keeping your laptop plugged in all the time is also bad for your laptop. This is because it will go through lesser cycles of drainage and charges. If your laptop has a smart charging mode that prioritizes your battery health, then you can keep it plugged in all the time. Otherwise, it is not necessary to keep your laptop at a hundred percent capacity all the time.

As you can see, it only takes a few minor tweaks on the way you use your laptop to preserve your battery and make it run more efficiently. With these tips in mind, your laptop’s battery will definitely last longer.


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