Sales of old phones: A trend or a way of life?

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In a world where everyone seems to have something to worry about, getting paid for dumping a burden feels like one of the kinder ways to go. Not to get ahead of ourselves here, this article is about the top reasons why people sell their old phones.

Keeping up with technological trends

Everyone wants the best for themselves, but unfortunately, many cannot always afford it. Technology has so evolved that the best today become relatively obsolete in a year, and for tech lovers, that may mean selling their phones to level up.

Now, in addition to having the new best thing, there are a couple of other reasons why people like to upgrade their phone. Could be their old phone is getting slow and annoying, deteriorated camera quality, cracked screens – those are terrible, and the list goes on.

Emergency situations

Admittedly, a lot of things are wrong in our world, but just as much, if not more, is right. Emergencies arise, and they do not always meet us in the best place financially. Instead of taking a loan or contacting that family member you’ve sworn off, a convenient way to solve that money issue could be that phone in your hand. 

Luckily, there are several outlets online today where you can easily sell your phone and get paid from the comfort of your home. Since phones are an essential accessory to have, you can check out some of the listed used phones on yeebia, for an affordable replacement.


People get bored of doing the same thing repeatedly, be it chores or phones. Using the same brand or model of phone for a long time can become so monotonous that you find yourself losing interest in phones altogether. Now, some people have favorite brands, and they would rather get another model of the phone rather than get another brand. Others who are a bit more curious want to know what other brands have to offer. 

Both categories of people are completely normal, and selling their current phone provides a substantial percentage – if not all – of what they need to get their fix.


You may not know this, but it takes a lot of materials – raw and synthetic to make a phone. The raw materials are depleting, and the synthetic ones take loads of energy to produce, and that’s ignoring the toll their wastes take on nature. Thankfully, most of these materials can be recycled instead of making them from scratch for every phone. You can contribute your quota to saving your environment if you decide to sell that old phone to those who recycle rather than disposing of it indiscriminately.

Final thought

There are several reasons why people sell their old phones and this article sheds light on some of those reasons.  More importantly, whether you are selling for the reasons mentioned above or others, the pros of selling your phone should outweigh the cons. 


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