Top Six Reasons Join the CCRCGP Panda Tour


The extinction of Pandas worldwide is quite rapid, and the conservation of its species is of utmost importance. Hence, it is of high essence that these species must receive adequate nurturing to prevent total extinction. On Panda Volunteer tours, live opportunities are available to educate people about Pandas as well as care for them. With CCRCGP, the volunteer should expect authenticity, security, and unique experience.

What is the CCRCGP Panda Tour?

Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) is a large organization established to protect the Giant Panda’s life group, thus conserving the longevity of the specie. It also controls volunteering activities, including educating people and maintaining international relations. It has several organizations under it that specialize in taking exceptional care and giving special attention to Pandas.

Panda Volunteer Tours

The Panda Volunteer Tours comes where volunteers (who may be travelers) visit any Panda base they choose and carry out routine tasks that provide care and attention to Pandas. While doing this, the volunteer works hand in hand with an expert and accumulates a ton of experience.

As Pandas are adorable creatures, there are many perks that come with being a volunteer for Panda bases:

  • The working preferences are flexible

A volunteer is allowed to choose the time most suitable for him or her. It could either be half or full-day or even run continuously for days. The timing is structured so that there are a morning and afternoon shift. Also, morning activities happen in the afternoon, too, so the volunteer can again go about other important events.

  • Certification

At the end of the volunteering program/tenure, a certificate is given stating your contributions to the Panda base. This certificate can also be added to your resume.

  • Familiarize with the Panda

Volunteers learn to care for a panda, feed them, and learn to make their special delicacies such as the Panda cake. There are also opportunities to feed and clean them up and get first-hand knowledge of their different moods, help out the captive Pandas and provide them with enough support to make things easier for them.

  • Side Attractions

As a way to relax, volunteers can go hiking in the natural reserve’s splendor of the habitat. There could also be openings to visit other thrills in the nearby location and get more excitement.

  • Exploration of Pandas

Another benefit is the ability to feel a Panda (what most would love to do), know more about them through movies and research classes, and interact with other travelers from around the world personally and in group discussions.

  • Developing new skills and giving back to the community

Working as a volunteer insinuates working in groups that provide the opportunity to learn how to be a team player and care for wild animals in their homes. It further gives a feeling of being a part of your locality and helping the needy, making you feel relevant to society.


It’s a very thrilling experience to be on a Panda volunteer tour, and serve the need of the animals, learn the ways they function and behave and, at the same time, create adventurous moments. It is mostly suitable for persons between 10-65years and can be a better way to spend a vacation and still acquire knowledge.


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