Things to Focus on When Buying a Lipstick


Nearly every woman puts up makeup. You can easily be tempted to purchase what you see in magazines and online newsletters. However, you need to look for a lipstick that suits your needs. Therefore, there is a need to consider different things, such as skin type, wardrobe, skin tone, and budget when buying best nude lipsticks. Ensure you pay attention to how the lipstick you purchase works with these factors.

Choose the Right Color

You should start by checking your skin tone. If you do not know your skin tone, you can easily hold the piece of white paper under the chin and check the emerging shadow. If the shadow is purple, red, or blue, it means your skin tone is cool. However, if it is dull, yellow, or beige, then your skin tone is warm. Ensure you select a color that works well with the skin tone. Ideally, your complexion ought to play an important role when choosing a lipstick.

Also, there is a need to consider your clothing when buying lipstick. For instance, if you like a given color scheme, then ensure you wear your favorite color. Remember that bright colors can easily clash with your lipstick, and neutral colors can make you appear washed out.

Choose Appropriate Texture

There is a need to determine the lips’ dryness. That is because various lipsticks suit your hydration needs. For instance, a person with dry lips should avoid matte and shimmery lipsticks as they can make your lips dry more. Therefore, there is a need to check the ingredients used and check whether your lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients such as oils.

For optimal hydration and casual looks, cream lipsticks are ideal. That is because they are meant for daily wear and are available in nude tones. You will find them suitable for making neutral looks. If you are looking for a shimmery finish and long wear, you should get gloss or satin lipsticks. Other than adding shiny, they add volume. Also, they hide your wrinkles and lines to give your lips a complete, round feel.

You may also need to consider matte lipsticks as they offer a velvet finish. In fact, these are quite popular and trendy. However, you need to be careful with matte lipsticks as they are known to dry lips. If you have to use them, ensure you hydrate the lips before using them.

Get the Right Brand

As you know, there are different lipstick brands you can try. When looking for the perfect brand for you, ensure you check its pliability. The best lipstick should be between oily and rigid. If its texture or feel makes you uncomfortable, then do not purchase it. Another thing you ought to consider is color payoff.

Remember to check the packaging of your lipstick. Besides telling you more about the brand, it determines how long you can keep the lipstick after purchasing it. For instance, if the cap moves easily, there is a chance that the lipstick will leak into the bag. Avoid getting packaging that is cheap and light as it can start flaking when bouncing.


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