How To Make Your Gel Polish Last Longer?


Ever walked out of a salon with a nicely done nail gel manicure but have them chipped on the following day? Well, that didn’t go well, right? Everyone has painted their nails at least once a year. They have also experienced a somewhat shorter lifespan. If you are one such person, you could probably wonder why your gel polish did not last longer than, say, two weeks. Of course, there are several tips to help your manicure last longer. What you need is a guide for maintaining that long-lasting manicure routine. Follow these tips!

1. Apply thin layers of gel nail polish

The first thing you need to do to ensure that your gel nail polish lasts long is to apply a thin layer. This matters because of the extended life span it comes with. You will also manage to extend its lifespan, given that the thick coating of nail polish takes a long to dry. That makes it easy for the gel polish to wear off.

2. Change the nail polish application formula

Traditional nail polish will, most of the time, leave you with chipped nails. For that reason, you need to try a different formula. You need to ensure that you complete the at-home manicure procedure the right way, of course. Look at some of the ways you can easily paint the nails using workable strategies. No-chip formulas happen to be incredible for DIY manicures.

3. Maintain your cuticles

It is one thing to have dry hands and another to have dry cuticles. To keep long-lasting gel manicures, you need to maintain your cuticles. A cuticle oil would be the perfect investment in this case. It has various nutrients such as vitamin E in addition to Aloe. These ingredients help the nails to resist breakage while promoting nourishment.

4. There is no need to exfoliate

Exfoliating is one of the best ways to help maintain healthy skin. However, exfoliating is terrible for your manicure. The ingredients are harsh on nails. They will take off the gel polish from your nails.

5. Wear Sunscreen

Before gelling your nails, you should apply a water-resistant sunscreen. Choose a brand with SPF to help prevent cancer and other skin conditions. This should assist you in protecting the skin from UV rays which can seal gel polish into the nails. The other option is putting on some dark gloves that have fingertips snipped off before applying gel nail polish.

6. Do not get gel nail polish on your cuticles

Perhaps you are an expert in manicures. But there are times when you may make the mistake of getting nail polish on your cuticles. This may lead to peeling of the polish since it does not adhere firmly to your nails. As the gel polish lifts to peel off, it may take the polish on the nails as well. The good news is that you can easily clean things up as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

You know that there is something unique about painted nails. That implies getting a manicure to help achieve the long-lasting nail polish care you need. There are several options to select from, and so are there tips to help you accomplish the goals.


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