Cleaning Tips for Your Rotating Hot Air Brush

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Proper cleaning and maintenance are very important if you want your rotating hot air brush to last for a long time. If you want to get the most from it, you have to make an effort to care for it in order to keep getting fabulous hairstyle from this versatile tool.

Cooling off

The first step is very obvious – make sure the product is cool and turned off. Your rotating hot air brush uses heat and electricity so you should turn them off and let them cool down before cleaning since this will involve you touching the brush and using a damp cloth on it.

Clear the bristles

Once the rotating hot air brush is cooled to room temperature, the next step is to clear the bristles by removing all the strands of hair stuck to it. Make sure you get every strand – this might take a while so you may need some patience.

Wipe off

Once the bristles are cleared, the next step is to use a damp cloth to wipe the entire brush. Include the bristles and make sure that you get the areas between the bristles. If you rotating hot air brush comes with a removable filter, you should detach it and wipe that clean as well.

Use a cleaning solution

If you are the type who uses a lot of products on your hair, you will need a specialized cleaning solution for your rotating hot air brush. The products you use can leave traces on the brush and buildup over time. The buildup can affect your rotating hot air brush’s performance. You will be able to find these cleaners online or from your local salons. It has to be specialized since these products are made to remove the buildup of hair products – something a damp cloth cannot do. When your rotating hot air brush is free from that, it will perform better too.

Make it a habit

Regular cleaning is the key to making your rotating hot air brush last longer. You can easily make a habit out of it if you make it part of your hair care routine. When cleaning your brush becomes a habit, it is a lot easier to remember and maintain. How often should you do this? Ideally, the clearing of the bristles and wiping should be done every time you use it. If you need a specialized cleaning solution, you should use the solution on your rotating hot air brush once a week or every two weeks, depending on how much hair products you use.

If you fail to maintain your rotating hot air brush or you barely clean it, you are not only degrading its value and performance but you are also putting your hair in danger. Heat damage increases with product buildup and if the brush is dirty because the tool has to work more to release the heat. This could burn your hair. There is also the chance that the product will emit less heat so you do not get your desired hairstyle.

As you can see, it does not take so much time and effort to keep your rotating hot air brush in good condition. As long as you are consistent and you clean it regularly, your rotating hot air brush will definitely last for a number of years.


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