Interesting Hacks Every Solitaire Player Should Know


There are two types of people that play solitaire card-free games. The first part consists of those that play it to pass the time. And there are those that play to win, and they challenge themselves every time they play the game. If you fall in the second category, the competitive one, you will find these top ten recommendations and facts of the game quite useful.

Here’s what we think every good solitaire player should know to make the most of every new game.

#10 Play your aces or deuces right away. There is no point in combining with them. Just places them in the foundation.

#9 Whenever possible, always try to free a card from the biggest pile of cards. 

#8 Move cards from one column to another only when there is a purpose like making a column smoother or freeing a downcard. Don’t just shuffle the cards without an obvious reason.

#7 There is no point in clearing a spot unless you got a king waiting to occupy it. And even if there is a king, is it the right color? You need to be mindful if there is a matching queen in the fold. 

#6 Build your ace stacks (other than with aces and deuces) only when it suits you. For example, when a down card frees space for a king.

#5 The moment you reach a point where all of your necessary cards are covered, start moving cards to their suitable ace stacks. You might need to reshuffle some pules to unblock some cards, but you need to get all that done. Hopefully, that might help you clear an existing pile and open more options for you.

#4 Always be mindful of the top face cards. Some players don’t start moving cards before they don’t go through all the top face cards. That can immensely help you make better and smarter choices down the lane. 

#3 Avoid playing with cards from five to eight, if possible. Ideally, you should let them be in their original position unless that’s necessary. You can start moving them around in the later stages of the game.

#2 Whenever given a choice between a down card and a card from the upper stack, choose the down card. That way, you have more cards in play, and the more cards you have at your disposal, the better your chances at winning.

#1 Always look twice, especially if you are playing at the most difficult level. This might not sound like some game-changing advice. However, it is not something that people apply in their game. Most people go with the first move they notice and don’t pay too much attention to whether there are other options available. If you want to be a really good solitaire player, you need always to look twice and be mindful of all possibilities. The thing is, sometimes the obvious choice is not the right choice, the one that will take you over the top and help you win.


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