Top 3 Best Pool Cues For 2020

Pool Cues

If you are a pool game enthusiast, you know that a pool cue can either break or make your game. As an amateur, it can prove challenging to make the right shots if you’re not informed about the right pool cue stick to use. That said, if you want to play well and get the most out of any game, selecting the right pool cue should be a top priority.

This detailed guide explores the three best pool cues you should consider in 2020.

The D-JS Cue Stick

If you’re looking for a stick that not only suits your personality but also offers superior quality, this cue stick should be your first choice. The cue comes with a colorful jester and card suit on the shaft, making it convenient to spot the cue stick at any place in the room.

The other striking feature of this pool cue is its rubberized grip. When using the stick, the grip generates more torque and brings enhanced power and control to your shots. Whether you are a beginner or pro at the game, the stainless-steel joint and cap should provide you with world-class gaming experience.

The cue is crafted from grade A Maple that is professionally treated, preventing it from any atmospheric changes.

Taiba 2-Piece Pool Stick

This is among the hardy pool stick types designed for heavy use by both pool professionals and beginners. It is designed from Maple wood and comes in different finishes to choose from. This not only makes it durable, but it also gives the pool stick a great appearance.

Taiba 2-piece weight ranges from 19 to 22 ounces. This is awesome because you can choose the weight that suits you. You’ll also love the fact that the different layers of varnish make the stick moisture resistant. This way, even if your hands get sweaty and wet, it won’t affect the durability or performance of the cue.

The joint of this 2-piece pool stick is made from brass. What’s more, the overall construction is durable, which serves users for a long time.

Player Pure X Pool Stick

If you’re a serious pool player and don’t want to settle for the average pool stick, then the Players Pure X should be your ideal choice. This is all thanks to affordable pricing, striking looks, and uncompromising performance.

It also comes with a kamui soft cue tip, which can improve your overall accuracy and power. You may also want to take note that Kamui tips are popular for their enhanced control, durability, and performance.

The 12-inch shaft is designed from hard rock maple treated with epoxy and nelsonite, protecting it from humidity and atmospheric changes.

Final Thoughts -Selecting the Best pool Cue

The best way to understand the pool game and improve your gameplay is by getting the right pool cue stick. This is, however, not an easy experience for armatures that have no experience in finding the right one. This guide has highlighted the top three pool cue stick that should help you better your gaming experience.


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