Why Are Iphones Costly?


There is no arguing over the fact that iPhones are the most expensive phones in the market. Despite the steep cost, the phones are also the most sought after because of their features. iPhones are, therefore, not as commonly used as smartphones. However, in the US and the UK, they are the most common types of phones. Third world countries like Nigeria, where people cannot afford to buy new iPhones but still desire to own one, opt for second-hand iPhones. Thus, there are several websites that deal with second-hand iPhones. For example, Yeebia is a leading second-hand phone dealer. Nigeria used iPhone 6 prices are relatively lower than that of new ones. But why are iPhones very costly?

Factors that affect the cost of iPhones


Apple has made it a point to release different iPhone models annually since the release of the first one in 2007. So far, there are thirteen iPhone models. The most recent one is the iPhone XS. However, there are some rumors that the company plans to release three more models; XR, 11, and 11 Pro. On the other hand, iPhone 6 is available in two models; iPhone 6 and 6S Plus. Apple works in such a way that each time a new model comes out, it has more advanced features than the previous model. This is the main reason as to why the latest models are usually the most costly. Therefore, the iPhone model is a significant factor influencing the cost.

2. Storage capacity

The storage capacity also significantly influences the cost of the phone. For instance, a 32GB and a 16GB differ considerably in price. The difference can be as high as a few hundred dollars. The storage capacity refers to the number of items (photos, videos, music, and applications) that the phone can store in its internal memory (ROM). The size of the RAM is also considered a storage factor. Apple has made it a point to ensure that each model they release has higher storage than the previous one. This also explains the cost increase between the models.

3. Features

The features of an iPhone are significantly more advanced than those of smartphones. For this reason, iPhones are more costly. Such features include camera pixels, display size/clarity, battery capacity, and several other elements. The quality and the functioning of the processor is also a feature of consideration. The more advanced the features are, the more the cost. For instance, an iPhone with waterproof features is more costly than one without. This is because the phone is durable and more intricate in design.

4. Accessories

Some standard accessories for iPhones include phone cases, lighting adapters, earphones/headphones, speakers, screen protectors, and docks. Most of the time, iPhones do not come with many accessories. This means that if you wanted to get the accessories, you have to pay an additional cost. Third-party sellers pair these phones with accessories and use them as a premise to hike the price and make a more significant profit. Second-hand iPhone dealers go as far as charging an extra cost for an iPhone with a charger and earphones.


It is easier to get a used old model iPhone than the latest one. Also, most used iPhones sold in Nigeria and other countries in Africa are acquired from countries like the UK and the US.


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